Hollow Kiss

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Hollow Day

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



Chapter Five: Hollow Day

Jakob ran into the F.B.I building seeing Collins crying as William was holding her and Peter was holding Tamelia.

“Is Kevin really… Is he really dead?” Jakob asked his voice shaking slightly as it broke the silence.

“Jakob, what’re you doing here? You were released from the hospital yet.” Collins told him wiping her tears.

“I heard on the news that an F.B.I agent was killed. I had to get out of that hospital.” Jakob explained as Tamelia wiped her tears.

“Okay, so what did we learn at the crime scene?” William asked as Jakob sat down in a chair.

“William, is it okay if I go? I could use some sleep.” Collins asked putting her phone away and he nodded.

“Jakob, we should talk.” Tamelia spoke out walking up to him leading him away from the group.

“Look, I’d love to be with you Jakob, but I think Collins could use you more than I do right now.” Tamelia told him as Jakob took a deep breath.

“I can’t, Tamelia please don’t say we are done.” Jakob pleaded as Tamelia wiped another tear.

“How can we be done if we never started?” Tamelia asked walking away from him. Jakob clenched his fist walking to the elevator.

Jakob got to Collins house about to knock on the door when he saw Collins and another man hugging.

“Oh god.” Jakob told himself as the man could see Jakob at the door.

“I think someone is at your door.” The man told her as she looked up and went to open it.

“Jakob, what’s up?” Collins asked as he turned around heading to his car.

“Nothing, It was stupid to show up here.” Jakob scoffed starting his car driving off.

“Wait, Jakob!” Collins shouted out chasing after him until he drove off. Jakob wiped his tears hearing his phone ring.

“Come on Jakob, answer.” Collins sighed on the phone as it rang. Jakob looked at his phone throwing it out the window as he pressed on the gas pedal going faster.

“William, I need a trace on Jakob’s phone, now.” Collins told him as she got in her car. Jakob was heading straight to a bridge before slamming on the brakes. Jakob shouted out hitting the wheel.

“Okay, thanks William.” Collins spoke out on the phone seeing Jakobs car on the bridge. Collins got out of her car to find Jakob standing on the bridge slightly swaying back and forth.

“Jakob, what’re you doing?” Collins asked as she slowly walked towards him.

“Get away from me.” Jakob shouted out as she stopped in her tracks putting her hands up nodding texting William.

“I never wanted this to happen. Me pursuing this got Kevin killed, it got so many people killed. I just want it to be over. Maybe this is the way.” Jakob spoke out as he began to tear up slightly.

“Hey, what’re you talking about? Kevin was killed in the line of duty. He died getting evidence to help catch this son of a bitch. Don’t jump, you jumping will just be for nothing.” Collins spoke out as she slowly took a step towards him each minute.

“What if me jumping stops this killer from continuing?” Jakob shouted out taking a slight step forward.

“Hey! What if it doesn’t? What if you jump and the killings keep happening? Who would be able to help us catch this guy, or girl?” Collins asked getting scared when took another small step.

“I don’t care. I just want to be able to have a good night's sleep for just one night. Ever since I saved Tamelia from her mother I haven’t been able to sleep.” Jakob muttered out as cop cars raced up to the bridge.

“Jakob, jumping will be the worst mistake you could ever make. You have to live. Show this killer that you aren’t one to be toyed with.” Collin told him as Tamelia watched from the car pulling out her phone. Jakob started breathing heavily looking down at the lake below him giving Collins enough time to get behind him and pull him off the edge.

“No!” Jakob shouted out as an ambulance showed up and the paramedics ran up to them.

“Calm down Jakob. Calm down.” Collins ordered as Jakob was fighting to get free looking over seeing Tamelia stare at him as the paramedics gave him a sedative as he fell asleep.

Jakob woke up in a hospital room restrained to the bed as he looked around seeing Collins, Tamelia, and William standing besides his bed.

“Hey, what took you so long to wake up?” Tamelia asked jokingly as he tried sitting up finding it difficult to since his hands were restrained.

“Sorry, doctors and us thought it’d be better for you to stay bound.” William told him as he sighed looking at them.

“Why? I’m perfectly fine.” Jakob told them as they all looked at each other.

“Do you not remember what you did after we got you off that bridge?” Collins asked as Jakob shook his head no.

“Well, after you woke up from the sedative wearing off, you tried slicing your wrists.” Collins told him as Jakob’s eyes went wide.

“You’re joking right?” Jakob asked as they shook their heads no.

“Sorry, but the doctor’s recommended you stay under observation for at least seventy-two hours.” Collins told him as Jakob scoffed slightly.

“I’m supposed to stay in here, for three days? While the killer is out there planning the next kill. On someone I know?” Jakob asked as Tamelia set her hand on his.

“Relax. Police units have been assigned to each street. Patrols every hour. No one will be getting killed.” Tamelia told him as he nodded.

“Well, I do have a lead. Tamelia’s mother. She could have hired someone to kill me and Tamelia, maybe the extra bodies are just the killers game?” Jakob told them as Tamelia shrugged nonchalantly.

“I guess, but what’s her motive? Why would she want you two dead? Why hire a serial killer when she could have hired a contract killer?” Collins questioned looking at them.

“Because she wants as least clues that trace back to her as she can afford. I mean, for example, why would a suicide bomber target a coffee shop instead of an airport?” Tamelia questioned looking at them.

“So people wouldn’t panic over it. Because if an airport was targeted then people would be scared to go on the plane.” Jakob spoke out as Tamelia nodded.

“Right, a serial killer isn’t always as precise as a contract killer. Their victims are random they don’t lea back to my mother. But say a contract killer was hired.” Tamelia told them looking over at Jakob.

“Then all you’d have to do is look for a money trail from all possible suspects.” Jakob told them as William chuckled smiling at them.

“It’s a good enough reason for me to have her brought to the F.B.I building.” William told them pulling out his phone walking out of the room.

“I’d hate to leave you like this.” Collin told him as Jakob nodded looking at her.

“It’s fine. I tried killing myself. I gotta pay the consequences.” Jakob told them as Tamelia and Collins left.



The next day Tamelia walked into the F.B.I building to find her mother being seated in an interrogation room.

“Ms. Rodden, have you hired a serial killer to kill your daughter and a boy named Jakob Hunt?” Collins questioned setting a file down sitting across from her.

“No, I didn’t hire anyone to kill my little precious girl or that smart young man.” Miss. Rodden answered looking at Collins in her eyes.

“Money transfers to a Ryan Asberry, mind explaining that?” Collins asked looking at her as she chuckled.

“Yeah, I supported him. I like his company.” Miss. Rodden chuckled smirking at her as Collins frowned.

“I’d like to see some hard evidence linking me to these heinous crimes you’re accusing me of.” Miss. Rodden spoke out laughing slightly. Before Collins could continue Williams charged into the room.

“Collins, out here now!” William ordered as he left followed by her.

“What’s up?” Collins asked looking at Tamelia who was sitting in a chair shocked.

“Her boyfriend, John was killed. The killer left a note telling us that they don’t like we’re giving Miss, Rodden the attention and glory of their kills.” William explained as Collins gulped looking over at Tamelia.


Jakob walked into his room being allowed to walk around as he sat down on his bed eating green jello before hearing his room phone go off.

“Hello?” Jakob questioned answering the phone hearing heavy breathing.

“Hehe, the great Jakob Hunt. Sitting in a hospital bed eating jello. How the great people have fallen.” A distorted voice spoke out giving Jakob chills.

“Who is this?” Jakob questioned looking around seeing his window was closed so he looked out the door.

“You know who I am. I’m the killer. You’re the one who gets killed.” The man spoke out as Jakob set his jello down.

“Yeah? Tell me where you’re at and we can finish this once and for all.” Jakob spoke out getting out of bed looking out the window seeing it was getting dark.

“You’re high school. In the basement near the school swimming pool. Three hours or the school and everyone in it goes to the stars. Just bring a jacket. Christmas is a bitch.” The man spoke out before hanging up as Jakob rushed over to his clothes hastily getting dressed snatching an stranger's phone as they bumped into each other calling Collins.

“Collins, the killer called my hospital room. He told me to meet him at the school in three hours. Get the bomb squad.” Jakob spoke out before hanging up setting the phone on the counter of the sign in sheet leaving the hospital.

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