Another incontinuouse memoir of a "Straight Girl"

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kill me now.

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



Why does the moon hide so carefully, i'm not alone, but should i ever be? I question what is philosophy? What is the answer to anything? How do we know anything if we can't even see past the curtain. The hell am i talking about i'm 13 i have life, Maybe. Maybe someday i'll get to tell myself i can change the world…


I am currently Listening to a song you may know it, it's called “Death of A Bachelor” by, the notorious, not victorious, Panic at the Disco. I band i had no interest in just maybe 6 months ago. By six months i've come to realize, this song all of Panic’s songs, they are just betes, and sounds generated by one man's, maybe others, vocal cords rubbing together. Yet we italicize these people who do something more than a third of the human population can do. Why?


Currently i am sitting in my room its 2:07 in the morning, i have only my favorite war torn flannel on, and no pants, already this is too much information but let's continue. Im sitting on my bed that is cluttered with nail polish, notebooks, one giant stuffed animal almost as tall as me, and whatever trash i've accumulated over a day or so. In my room i can see with my limited vision because i'm currently not wearing my glasses, i find a 42 inch tv that i love and adore but is almost worthless because without my glasses it's a just a black box. I find my two guinea pigs laying in their green cage that needs to be cleaned. Inside that cage 2 small furry adorable animals one named cow, because i wanted to name her cow bell, but my aunt thought it was to similar to our dog's name, and PG wich stands for pretty girl, a predetermined name that later had many setbacks that includes my cousin coming up with the nickname PG 13.


As for my room i suppose that's all. I guess you wonder what your reading at this moment, asking yourself why you might have purchase this novelty item called a book. Here's the conclusion what i am writing at the current moment is a maror of my most inner thoughts about anything and everything.


At this new moment i am listening to Build god then we’ll talk also by panic.

Not Long ago i posted something to this website called MIddle school vrs my thoughts by now it's gotten some 91 reads, but over all my 4 posts 1 the first chapter of a forgotten book. Another a short story about a time i auditioned for a reality cooking competition, and another my idiotic troubles of a stupid lovesick mind, and another a play i'm actually proud of so broad my friends clapped when they read it, that was a year and now i'm 13 and having to go to highschool, thank god.


So here's an update if you stop by that little chapter in, my life. Now I’m GAY, i intimately behind my bffs back at her 14th birthday party made-out with and a multitude of other things, with her other best friends. I am now nearly six feet tall cannot stop drawing on my entire hand and, my teachers finally hate me. Yah that's me by.


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