the remix story of mushakraj

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Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



Once upon a time there was a demon named Ratasur in Himalaya. He made a great disturbance in Himalaya while the saints and even lord shiva were meditating.

















Then one day every saints, god and goddesses meditating in Himalaya came to lord shiva. Indradev the king of heaven said, “ lord please help us the ratasur disturbed us all while we are meditating please help us only you or lord ganesh can only stop him please”. Lord shiva replied, “ I will send ganesh there to stop him”

The next day ganesh went to ratasur and warned him he did not understand that few seconds later lord ganesh took him to yamraj. The ratasur requested to live him then further said, “Please forgive me. I will be your vehicle. I will take you to your destination please forgive me and accept my request.”


Then lord ganesh replied, “My friend I am happy to listen that now your accepting your mistake and changed yourself but you are a demon how I can accept you as my vehicle.”


The ratasur said, “My lord I have changed myself by behavior please change me from my look with your powers.”


The lord ganesh said, “Tathastu” the ratasur changed into mushakraj­ and he lived happily with lord ganesh as his vehicle and friend.


This is the reason why mushakraj can lift lord ganesh having a such little body but with a strength of a demon






















































































































































Moral:- surrender yourself fully to god then your life will be happy or can say if you do any work pay full concentration, efforts etc. on the work because work is also god if the mushakraj does not done the work of being vehicle of lord ganesh then he will be dead.

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