The Blood of Innocent

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The sequel of another my short story, "The Dragon Slayer from a Forest". You should read the first one first for better understanding. Enjoy!

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017





The cold wind was pushing him back. From hill to hill, the blizzard raised piles of snow, throwing them into his face. He knew he could not be stopped by such a small thing as a blizzard, but humans cannot compete against the forces of nature. Although this fact was not stated by the Holy Order of the Blood Knights, is was completely true. The legendary dragon slayer from Korea, Jeong Ho Choi, undefeatable by any living creature, was stopped by a Scandinavian blizzard.

He found himself lying in his fur sleeping bag. Jeong Ho tried to remember all of his latest dreams. They were all about a blizzard… but they were a bit different from each other. It was very unusual, because most of the times people's’ dreams are about completely different or same things. The dragon slayer thought about it a lot, and he couldn’t find any explanation for that.

That early morning in the mountain village of Kaava was surprisingly warm. It was the middle of the winter, and normally you couldn’t go out without a thick wolf fur coat. Jeong Ho was feeling okay in his light coats from Korea. He decided to tell his dreams to the village priest.

The small hut of the priest was very simply decorated. The only furniture was a table with statues of different gods. An old man with a very wise look stood beside, and looked at those statues.

Before Jeong Ho could speak, the old man whispered, “Why are you here, The Man From the South?”

“For a couple of days, I had strange dreams”.

“I know,” suddenly whispered the priest, “there is a small, I mean, a huge, accident in here. It might be the cause of your nightmares”.

The young dragon slayer got very surprised. He knew this old man was very wise, but he also knew about the Possibility. Things that are impossible cannot happen. The priest continued, “The statue of Lauka has disappeared. Not everyone is brave enough to steal the God of War”.

“You want me to find it”.


“Why don’t ask Belavic? You certainly trust him more, than me”.

“I would,” the priest hesitated a bit, “but I thought you are a dragon slayer, aren’t you? Didn’t you kill the devil red dragon?”

“You think the thief is a dragon?”

“Of course. Lauka is father of all the dragons. He...”

“I don’t spill the blood of innocent,” Jeong Ho roughly interrupted.

“I pay a lot,” the priest offered.

“I perfectly know, how you pay. I don’t need the blessings of the gods I don’t believe in”.

“If you, Korean, are so greedy, curse you Thor, I can give you half of all my money that I collected for fifty years,” exclaimed the old man, “what else can be enough payment to be able to protect the village from the evil spirits!”

Jeong Ho didn’t wait till the priest was finished. He quickly exited the small hut, and went to his tent. By the entrance, there was a little boy standing. When he saw Jeong Ho coming, the boy happily exclaimed, and happily ran towards the dragon slayer, screaming.

“Hi, Khund!”, said Jeong Ho.

“Seta, Seta!”, screamed Khund.

The boy ran up to Jeong Ho and hugged him with all his small might. The young dragon slayer had to smile at this cute creature. His smile faded soon enough, as he saw a fat old man of a sumo wrestler look coming towards him.

This sumo wrestler was the fattest person Jeong Ho ever met. He was carrying a huge brown elk on his shoulder. Due to the village laws, the hunter got half on his pray. Visitors got the least part. The dragon slayer didn’t have a good enough lunch for too long to stay calm. He didn’t.

“Hey, you yellow!” The sumo wrestler cried in a drunk voice. “Get off my son, a pile of tophu!”

Tophu was the only food Belavic knew. Jeong Ho remembered that. He also understood, that Belavic was always drunk. This meant, that Jeong Ho’s only chance was to run. Yet, the dragon slayer preferred death than retreating.

He silently stepped towards Belavic, taking out his sword at the same time. The sumo wrestler could even react, before the cold gnome steel cut through his skin.

Belavic roared and charged. Jeong Ho sidestepped, and the fat man tripled over a pile of snow. The dragon slayer went a little back, made a large snowball, and crashed it on Belavic’s head.

“Now, you look like a snow hill. A large one,” Jeong Ho whispered.

He walked into his hut, and took out a large warhammer. It had a long decorated handle, with red color, and a shiny polished end. It was made out of pure titanium. One edge was flat, but still it was covered by spikes. The other edge was sharp. Sharp enough to cut a hole in a log with one strike.

Khund waited nearby while Jeong Ho polished his weapon. After he got his weapons and food attached, the dragon slayer turned to the boy, “Stay here, boy. The mission will be your last if you go.”

Khund quietly went home. He knew he is going to have a big punishment coming.

The young dragon slayer exited the village ten minutes later.


A loud roar went through the blizzard night sky. Jeong Ho looked up. A large white body was moving through towards him.

Jeong reacted quickly. He took out his warhammer, put some liquid inside through a hole in the handle, and closed it with a flaming cap. The metallic part of the weapon started to glow red.

The dragon shot with snow. It went out of its mouth, from under its wings, and even from its nostrils. One piece fell on the dragon slayer’s shoulder. It was enough to make Jeong Ho cry out in pain. The skin of the shoulder burn with cold.

The frost dragon was not too stupid to stay in the air. It knew, that Nord dragon slayers would use a bow to kill it. However, the dragon didn’t know Jeong Ho was Korean.

When the creature landed, the dragon slayer charged, and stroked the warhammer with all his might in the dragon’s face.

The next moment, he understood he made a terrible mistake. Dragon snow started to fall all around him. Jeong Ho fell. His throat was not able to shout loud enough to express the pain. The ten seconds in which the snow was falling seemed like eternity. What happened after, the dragon slayer didn’t remember.


He woke up, when the sky already turned light blue. There was no sign of the blizzard. At his legs, a huge blooded head rested in peace. Nearby, a young boy was walking around.

“Khund!”, called Jeong Ho. “What’s with that dragon”.

It was five minutes before happy Khund could clearly tell what happened. After his tale, Jeong Ho felt something strange. He sometimes felt this was in a temple - the feeling of something magnificent and powerful nearby.

Jeong Ho carefully rose and walked to the dragon. As he walked, the awkward feeling grew stronger. After he passed the start of the creature’s tail, the feeling grew weaker. The dragon slayer understood what was going on. He took out his ruby knife, and cut through the dragon's belly. Something fell out. It was a small statue. Jeong Ho’s legs seemed like sausages. Before he fainted, he said: “Khund, leave. Bring this back to the village. My horse will get me back. Go”.

His eyes went dark.

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