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the way memories hunt us

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



He walked in the room with foggy eyes. He seemed to be lost again in his world, his face was twisting with pain and it broke her heart to see him like that.

“Are you okay?” she managed to whisper.

Only when he heard the words did he seem to become conscious of her presence but still, it seemed as if he was looking through her not at her. He walked hurriedly to her and stopped so suddenly it made her heart sink even further, their faces were inches apart, she could feel his hot ragged breath on her skin and finally he looked at her eyes and she looked back at his and time seemed to stand still until he leaned into her, his lips finding hers in a tender caress, she shut her eyes and mind trying to feel him and ease his pain, they deepened their kiss and a shiver crossed her body and suddenly she felt cold, too cold. Her hands tried to reach for him to hold but were faced with emptiness... Her eyes flew open and there in front of her…she watched as his face started to fade far away and tears threatened at the corners of her eyes…

He was gone and she was in the middle of a dark empty room…

Her breathing became shallow and fast, her body started shaking, she wanted to scream but couldn’t find her voice. She was suffocating and the room seemed to close in on her. She hugged herself tight and fell to the ground with tears running down her face. When she opened her eyes next, she found herself in a familiar dark room. Her room. Her pillow was wet, and her tears continued to come, she leaned against her headboard and sighed…. All she had left of him were memories to torture her every night and to remind her how much she misses him …


He held her so tightly, the warmth of his body melting the ice in her soul. She grabbed his shirt as if it was the last floating piece in the ocean she was drowning within. She soaked his shirt with her tears yet he kept quiet, only his grip getting tighter as if he wanted to hide her inside his chest, chase away all of her nightmares and she felt that. She could feel his heart pounding harder with every sob she makes. Slowly, her pain was eased and then erased.

They exchanged no words during the entire process. She was running away, he saw her, walked after her and stopped her. Her tears started flowing like a never ending river then he held her.

She is calmer now, her breathing is in sync, slowly, in and out. She was like a little baby falling asleep. He loosened his grip so she could get more comfortable but he never let go. She closed her eyes and breathed his scent, thanked all powers for his existence and felt warmer. But something tugged at her heart, don’t fall asleep. Don’t fall in this trap. He will leave you.

But he was already gone. Another night, another visit, just  another dream.

He grabbed her hand.
she shook her head violently and struggled to set her hand free but this time, for the first time, he wasn’t letting go. She looked up at him and the look of anger was replaced with something more delicate in his eyes. He seemed vulnerable, desperate even. This isn’t a sight you get to witness every day.  He was the forever strong man, the one who masked his feelings and followed his logic rather than emotions. He was a simple a man or so he thought.
“Hear me out” he said with deep calm voice that sent shivers through her body. She hated how every fiber in her reacted to the least things he do or say. It’s like he set her molecules on a never ending reaction and interaction. She was no longer a stable being near him. Sometimes she feared melting in his arms and others she felt the pain rip through every inch of her body seeing him walk away and wondered how on earth was she still alive.

Now, looking back upon all of this, she wished he would grab her hand and change the reality she was trapped within. Pain failed her as she was left numb watching them lower his coffin into the cold ground. The only thing she felt was the air brushing her cheeks reminding her of his gentle touches, she only heard his laughter in the distance.


He ran to her side.

Somehow he managed to fit all the criteria she sat for her prince charming, even the way he walked. She heard her friends talk about their boyfriends: the bad boy, the cute guy, the cool and fun one and she wanted to experience each of those relationship. She thought about asking him to try with her, to go on dates each with a different concept. That was childish but she wanted to try it just because it was with him. And she knew he would never disappointed her.

They walked down the street together, he was embarrassed and kept his distance. Yet he tried to keep her on the inner side of the sidewalk and protect her from any danger. She looked up at him and smiled, how can he be this cute and considerate?
Then they walked into a jewelry store and he started acting cool, leaning on the counter, telling to try on this necklace or the other, winking at her without a reason and making stupid jokes. She laughed from the bottom of her heart and felt the air filling her lungs to the top and her feet being lifted off the floor. She turned around and they were suddenly inside a loud night club. They were both wearing black leather, she was chewing gum, her hair fell at her shoulders, her black jeans hugged her thighs and her black boots had a little chain hanging at the side. He was dressed in a white plain shirt under his jacket, his dusty hair in a mess and his jeans and boots matched hers. His hand was around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him while their fingers intertwined. Bad girl or not, her heart fluttered.  They walked around like the baldest couple in the house.  The noise kept getting louder and louder, she felt his fingers slip away, her skin burned at the loss of his touch, pain caused her to spin around looking for him. He was being pushed away by a bunch of guys while some unfamiliar girls surrounded her, their faces soon turned into something demonic. She watched him struggle to run to her side and fail. Everything got extremely dark, she closed her eyes and opened them, in hope of a change, of a light to shine through but nothing. She repeated her actions with a stronger will and light slowly came to her view. She looked around her but there was no one, nothing, just an emptiness. 

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