Monster in High School

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a poem i did 2 years ago and posted on tumblr

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



Social at the start, all the demons hidden in the dark
Nothing stabbing my heart, just choking it with hugs from honing darts
Made some new friends that are smart, and some that influenced this art
Some that tried to help before i depart, but i was broken apart

Shattered, a shell of what I use to be, I am a memory
Was forgotten in apathy, but misery stayed while i was lonely
Keeping me company, drowning the body, incapacitated to flee
Too drunk to feel free, too high, hearing banshees

Hallucinations plaguing these eyes, voices echo from the sky
A sudden urge to wish to die, too much pain but i couldn’t cry
Thought would apply, “no one would care for your permanent goodbye.
Try to find an ally, you’ll only fail since no one like bad guys”

Medicating myself, feeling emptier than a brand new shelf
I needed some help, but had no passion in my own health
Never cared for wealth, only wanted to hide this darkness with some stealth
So low…that’s I turned to a elf, a prisoner to no one else

Missing some love, didn’t have much as a kid so i turned to drugs (Weed and liquor)
To feel above, the abuse as a teen, a scene where its cold, can’t dispose of
The trauma that squeezes and hugs, bringing skeletons that it has dug
A present like gloves, but to wear them is madness itself, that pushes and shove

Things got hectic, tragic timing for school which was unexpected
Needing a medic, labelled a lunatic which i accepted
Had to grow up too quick, went to work so i didnt become a stick
Dealing with bullshit that was manic, aside from the mental that held me at pathetic

Tormenting me at night, strangling me til i can no longer fight
Injections with fright, fearing i will never see the light
Living in a dungeon despite, taking flights to feel alright
The atmosphere incites, razors to bite, writing scars on flesh through smite

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