War Ghost

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I watched a video of a supposed ghost sighting on the American Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg. In one such video, an apparition appeared and walked up to, and around the front of one of the artillery pieces. I saw the ghost as lost, and felt sorry for it. This poem is effectively my thoughts and feelings. A poem written to a ghost. An odd inspiration, I will admit, but I hope that you enjoy.

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



I – I don’t know who you are sir.

I couldn’t help but notice you.

You wander with no destination,

Lacking any cause or intention.


You look lost, and sad,

Standing on ground where once you stood.

You look tired, and weary

Your head so solemnly bowed.


You can see your friends, can’t you?

You can see the smoke, hear the gunfire,

Taste the blood, feel the pain,

Remember the fear, and the loss?


I don’t know you sir,

I don’t know your story.

What did you lose? Why did you fight?

What happened to you, dear hero?


For what or whom is it that you wander here?

What are you in search of?

A life that you once had, but gave?

For a cause, lost to time?


I cannot understand by looking at you,

You appear, and then again are lost.

And then reappear again.

Revealing nothing, retreating into darkness.



Your life was cut short, and never fulfilled

Your presence is one of great agony

And remorse. You might have lived.

Your time came too soon, and here you are.


Spending and eternity around your grave,

But what are you doing?

Your body lies lifeless near you,

And over it you stand.


What are your thoughts, war ghost?

What I wouldn’t give to know…

What is your story, war ghost?

Where is it that you go?


What uniform is it that you donned?

What colours did you bare?

Soldier, what is your name?

What were you doing there…?


War ghost…

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