How Far

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What was life made for?
Not to break boundaries and push limits
But to live
To laugh
And to love

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



How far can one go

Before they hit the line?

How far can one push

Before the boundary snaps?

How much can one withstand

Before the pain becomes a companion

A constant reminder of the ones you’ve lost

Too often to call just torture?


How many tears ought to be shed

To conquer over depression?

How many thoughts must be sent

In order for one to change?

How many insults must one take

Till the torturer is fulfilled?

How much pressure must be applied

Until one can understand?


That life isn’t made to push the lines

To try and break the limits

It isn’t made to bully friends

And win at the cost of others


Life is made to enjoy the fruits

Of a healthy relationship

To be gentle and make new friends

To care and fall in love


But some can’t seem to understand

That there’s a different path in life

That you’re not forced to be mean and cruel

But can use the act of kindness


How far must one go

In order to achieve

The euphoric heaven all desire

But simply can’t obtain?

How much must one

Have to withstand

Until the receiver

Can understand


That life is made to love and laugh

To cry and smile and learn

To hold a hand and touch a face

To be alive and wild and free


Perhaps one day you’ll understand

You’ll open your eyes and see

But until then I’ll be right here

Waiting for an opportunity in life

For there to be you and me

© Copyright 2019 Avery White. All rights reserved.

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