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Perhaps it would've been real
If not for

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



We used to be two allies

On the same side of the table

Shoulder to shoulder, side by side

Joined in the same war


We used to fight together

Inseparable as twins

You’d strike, I’d block

I’d parry, you’d thrust


If you were hit, I’d bleed for you

If I was stuck, you’d cover for me

Never lied, never a traitor

Always cared, always loyal


And then we won the war

Through sweat and dirt and broken limbs

Through hurt and pain and lost comrades

We both stood tall and won the war


The flag was raised

The crowd cheered

And there we stood, side by side

Both hands raised, conjoined


The glory was yours, the triumph mine

Both of us, in the spotlight

Pretty smiled on our faces

Broken hearts deep in our spirits


And then the crowd went away

As dawn turned into dusk

And left us here, face to face

Alone, among the dust


When I looked at you, I saw

My anchor and my friend

My partner and my soul

And yet when your eyes rose to meet mine

You didn’t see the same in me


My heart began to shatter and crack

As you turned and walked away

Each broken piece falling to the floor

Among red, bloodstained ashes


What happened to my friend?

My trusty, loyal comrade?

The one who would stand strong for me

Through all the deaths and the losses?


But then as I stand there, it comes to me

The sad and simple truth

We were never friends, never partners

Only allies in the same war


So now we’re here, yet again

But at different sides of the table

Eye to eye, heart to heart

With tears running down our faces


Former allies turned into enemies

Still fighting and still hurting

Yet something’s changed, something big

We’re in a different, newer


© Copyright 2018 Avery White. All rights reserved.