Stygian Flame Origin Story

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This is just the beginning of a novel I had in mind, and is kind of an origin story of the villain. Just leaving this out there to see what people think.

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



"Professor Marduk, I need you to look at this," came a voice from an intercom.


The professor let his glasses fall from his face to his hands, and slowly got up off of his seat. The years hadn't been very good to him, and it was looking like Marduk would be retiring any year now. However, there was work to be done, and by god he was going to do it.


"Coming, coming. Don't you worry! I'll be there in a moment."


Cane in hand, the professor made his way from behind his desk, and walked with a small skip to his step. Although at the ripe old age of seventy-two, he loved his job, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


"Professor?! You REALLY need to get in here!"


"I told you I was coming, now wait just a minute. I'll get there when I get there."


Blast doors were closed before the professor's room, and it took a moment to enter the information that was required to open them. A panel opened on the wall, and a younger man, in his early thirties with brown hair, and deep brown eyes appeared on a screen.


"I've told you professor, this is very unstable material, and you need to be here for this."


"And I've told you patience. You may have a PH.D such as myself, but remember that years of experience are something that you don't have yet. If this information you've given me is correct, we should not have much to worry about for at least a few more hours. I've detected a few seismic disturbances two and a half mile into the Earth's crust, but that won't disturb us for some time, as far off the coast as it is. You've seen the math, just as I-"




"Fine, fine, I'm almost there.


The doors finally opened. Professor Marduk shuffled through the large opening and was greeted by his colleague, Deacon Kenneth, a recent PH.D recipient that had only months before begun working with Professor Marduk, along with a swathe of graduate students. They all held notebooks expectantly, although their nervousness was palpable.


"Ah, Professor Marduk, how good of you to join us. Now please, can you tell us what this means?"


The professor looked at the glowing mineral in the center of the room, surrounded by glowing computer monitors and electronic circuit boards cluttered around the room.


"I haven't the foggiest clue. This is just as new to me as this is to all of you, so what am I to say? That this is something to be expected, that I am supposed to tell you it's going to be all right, and there's no problem? Because as far as I can tell, this is unheard of, almost completely unbelievable. That is all I have to say, besides the amount of radiation we've been displacing with the Gaia compound is too strong, we must let it up by some units."


The students looked at each other, and began writing notes Deacon stood, looking back at the professor.


"Well, what are you waiting for, Deacon? Are you going to release the radiation into a separate vent, or do I have to do this for you? A second year could do this, and you stand before me like I'm speaking gibberish."


"But, with all due respect Professor, that will release a dangerous amount of radiation from the compound, and could very well make a black hole right where we're standing."


"All theoretical," replied Marduk with the wave of his hand.


"We're scientists, we run off of theories. That's how all of this works. What we are doing here is dangerous, and shouldn't be tampered with."


Some of the graduate students began to murmur, and nod their heads amongst themselves. It seemed as though they were beginning to agree with Deacon.


Seeing he was losing the room, Professor Marduk addressed Deacon more firmly.


"Professor Deacon, as your superior, and a member of the department of defense of the United States, I demand that you listen to me, and release the radiation. That is an order."


An internal argument began itself inside of Deacon's head. Whether to listen to his superior and risk the affects of a potential meltdown, black hole, or any other number of outcomes, or to follow his gut and continue the experiment with the amount of radiation that had originally been recommended.


"I'm waiting, Professor Deacon, or shall I have you relieved?"


"No, Professor."


"Good, release the radiation then."


Professor Deacon made his way over to the valve, taking his key from his jacket.


"Your key, Professor," said Deacon.


Professor Marduk revealed a key from behind his white robes, and inserted it fifteen yards from Deacon into one of the slots, and Deacon inserted his after a few moments of reluctancy.


Sweat began going down Deacon's brow, and he looked at the red button before him. The press of the button would release all radiation from the compartment. Another moment went by.


"I'm waiting, Professor Deacon."


Deacon took one last look at the Graduate students, who all were beginning to turn a mixture of red and white, then looked finally at Professor Marduk.


"Whatever happens here, Professor, this is on you."


Professor Deacon lifted the protective shielding on over the red button, then slammed his hand down.


Alarms began to sound, as the Gaia compound in the center of the room began to glow red hot from its usual Yellow. Warning signals began flashing, and the red glaring of the compound grew stronger and stronger, illuminating the whole room.


"Blast shields down, Professor," yelled Marduk over the alarms.


Deacon pressed in a few combinations into his keypad, and watched as blast shields came down in the doorways.


"Lead bibs, everyone!"


The graduate students began scrambling towards the lockers, and one by one put their bibs on.


"We're thirty seconds in gentlemen, another minute to go!" Yelled Marduk, trying his best to be heard over the increasing sound of the alarms.


"Shut those damn things off, Deacon, if you would!"


"Very well Professor!"


Pressing a few key phrases into his pad, Deacon had not finished his pass codes when the room went silent, except for the heavy breathing of everyone in the room.


"See gentlemen? Nothing to worry about, and congratulations Professor Deacon, our experiment is complete!"


The compound continued to glow bright red.


"I'd say that what we've done here today has been a complete success, wouldn't you agree?"


Deacon was cut off before he could speak by a blinding flash, and an ear splitting explosion as the Gaia compound exploded, engulfing the room in flames.


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