The Wandering Children

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A perilous sound has appeared and the children of Tassari are disappearing into the night. Can Bjorn and his party end the villages curse before it is too late. (This is something I will add to as time goes by. This is the first Chapter)

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



Bjorn was sat on the stump of what once was a mighty oak tree staring out into the surrounding fields taking a bite out of a red luscious apple, his piercing blue eyes scanning the horizon and taking in the lush green beauty of the surrounding field. His mind began to ponder about what direction his pilgrimage should take him next. It had been one year since he had left the White Temple in search of his calling to the light. He began to wonder,as he looked at his worn and weathered white plate armour laden in scratches and dents, if the god Bahmut would ever call out to him so that he may return to the temple where his father still preached? Every Paladin of the order had to find some sign, some indication that Bahmut had communicated with them before returning; most brought back relics or trinkets they say Bahmut gifted to them. Bjorn suspected a lot of these "trinkets" may have been no more than a merchants junk that they lied about in order to return home. He would not let himself follow those impostors, he would find something that no one could ever doubt came from anyone but the god Bahmut himself. 

As Bjorn went to take yet another bite from his food a perilous scream suddenly shattered the silence. In the distance he spotted a figure no larger then a child  running in fear from three hideous wolf like creatures. The beasts had matted and coarse black fur, spotted with shades of grey. Their razor sharp teeth protruding out from the mouths were gnashing at their prey. Each of the trio donned shoddy and worn leather armour and they swung their axes wildly cackling and teasing their game as they surged forward hounding the poor being. 

"Gnolls" cursed Bjorn as he snatched up his ethereal blue sword the hilt of which was carved into the shape of a lighting bolt, and his large kite shield which bore his family crest of a Bolt of lighting striking a Mountain. Bjorn sprinted in the direction of  his newly elected foe and let out a mighty battle cry roaring "For Bahmut and For Glory", this startled his foes shocking them and drawing their attention to him as pounded towards them. As Bjorn reached the fiends he drew back his sword and in an outward swing launching it into a well skilled attack on the first Gnoll, who was barely able to bring up his axe to meet it. The clashing of steel let out an almighty ring throwing the putrid creatures off guard. Bjorn noticed the fleeing figure was a halfling dressed in a black hooded cloak with long blonde hair and pale white skin, the poor being appeared to be staring at the ground in fear. 

"Run you Fool!" Bjorn barked. 

The halfing glanced up and made direct eye contact with Bjorn. Suddenly, her eyes began to darken transitioning into to a dark shade of crimson red and her skin steadily transforming into a deep purple her hair now as black as coal. She then flicks back her hood revealing two curved black horns and smiles devilishly with her sharp razor sharp teeth before launching a blazing hot ball of fire towards one of the Gnolls, cackling as she does so.

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