Dawn or Dusk

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Experiences tend to make the best poems

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



I walked in to meet her,
and saw her before she saw me.

The light hit her hair perfectly,
a circlet of golden sunshine around her head.
Her chin and jaw worked in tandem with her hair
to frame her face.

She looked up,
I saw her smile; a full smile.

The kind of smile in which she displays her teeth,
and the corners of her mouth gently curve upwards.
She looks to be on the verge
of laughing.

The kind where crows leave their feet
beneath the ends of her brow,
her eyes gently pull me in.

I sat down with her.
The crows flew but the smile remained.

She placed her small hand on mine,
and looked me in the eyes.
A decade of memory flashed by
“It’s time to go; you’ve things to do”

I open my eyes, it’s 4 AM.
Remembering her smile,

I cry.

© Copyright 2019 J. K. Koop. All rights reserved.

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