Just a small story I did for school, I probably won't edit off it.
It's been a while so It might not be as good as my other stories.

A day in the jungle By Storm Howard

Bam! The car hits a low hanging branch.

“One day? You think I can’t survive one measly little day!?” I asked

“You haven’t even seen anything half this bad, I hope you don’t find anything bad at all. It’ll be bad for business...” He responds.

The car pull up to a small indent in the rocky cliffs, sounding like it couldn’t climb over a small pebble.
“Here we are! I’ll meet you here in 24 hours, I won’t be waiting for long! Take this torch!” He shouts over the Engine as he chucks a torch with a small jungle camp logo.

About half an hour later, I drop the branches and leaves in my small camp beside the small hole I’ve dug. I lean on the big rock sheltering me from the rain outside as I put my dirt covered gloves beside me. SNAP! An arrow rushes past my head. BAM! Another hits the rock behind me. I drop down as more arrows start raining down from above. Then just like that, it ends. After a few minutes of waiting in freezing cold silence I look up. The first thing I notice when I lift my head is a group of people shining a torch in my face.

“Not another one.” Somebody groans as the torch moves, letting me see once again. I notice they have the same logo on their torch as mine.

“Here, take this” A different person says as he hands me a hand-made spear. I accept his offer and he hands the spear over.

“Who are you people?” I question.

“WE ARE THE OOGA BOOGA PEOPLE!” They all chant in unison.


“RUN!” I hear somewhere in the distance in alarm, but I alone notice a blurry figure in the distance holding something with smoke coming out of it, as I put 1 and 1 together I see them pointing it at us. I feel a hand tugging at my shoulder, pulling me away from the figure. I stumble away from them to see that most of the people have left me. I start running to catch up, only when I reach a fork in the path do I realise I have no idea where I’m going.

“Guys? Where are you?” I Shout out. Nothing, not even an echo, just the occasional drip of water from the Stormy weather above. I look all around me, nothing, I turn around, still nothing, I shove leaves out of my face, look behind rocks, try to spot footprints, but to no avail.


I hear the roar of a broken down engine, steadily thumping through the thick trees and bushes. I look behind me to see the similar sight of the jungle camp ute pulling up next to a tree. I see the same driver with the same poorly shaven beard.

“You’re still here? Wow, I’ve never actually had this happen before. Here, take this.” He hands me a small trophy titled ‘first to survive’.
“Who were those people? They called themselves the ooga booga people.”

“What? The ooga booga people haven’t been alive since the 12th century, wait, what’s that on your back?”
“It’s a spear that they gave me, as a gift I suppose...”

"But that's impossible, that spear was discovered broken over 50 years ago... Unless it's a fake which would be really hard to copy..."

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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