Girl's story

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Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017




She cried all evening remembering , the thing happened to her this morning. Freeking out and irritated ... As she was late to her classes, akshata was rushing to bus stop that morning. Was fierce about missing bus . On the way , she noticed a guy following her. She started walking very fast and neared the bus stop. She could hear something said to her in male voice and suddenly turned back. She could see the same guy, smiling and saying " hello, which college are u?". She kept quiet and looked aside. A group of women were staring at her and that guy. Akshata was very uncomfortable now. As if to relieve her from that situation, her college bus arrived. She hurried up and entered the bus . Feeling like a small kid , running towards her mother she caught a window seat . Took a deep breathe, and looked beside her. 'oh, my God', her heart was screaming from inside, when she saw the same guy seating her beside with the same smile. He started agAin, " why are u in such a hurry?... Cool". She could just give a smile and stared at the window . Feeling very eager to reach the college, akshata sat in the same pose like a statue. As soon as college bus reached campus, she just eagerly got down the bus and was rushing towards classroom. Some one closed her eyes from behind, groping her. She screamed out!... and when opened her eyes , she could see everyone in the corridor staring at her And sharanya looking at her stunned. " What's wrong yaar, is everything right?".. Before she could say something , they say their professor and ran into classroom. During lunch break, vani joined them and asked akshata " hey, subah kiske sath baithi thi bus mein, kaun tha woh.. " , winking at her. Sharanya too joined her, " what if anyone sat beside, should it mean anything?. Come on girls!".. akshata bursted out with anger. She rushed towards wash basin and could hear giggles behind her. Remembering all these , she was restless whole day. Next day, she left her home early and was happy that the 'guy' wasn't there . Happily she entered class room and chatting with friends. Soon they noticed HOD entering their classroom and announcing that a new faculty is engaging the class and requested him to come inside the class. Looking at him akshata got shocked... It was the same 'g...u...y..!!'.... With the same smile ........????????

Part-2 "Akshata.... Are you okay ...?"......  Akshata could see people crowded around her. Sharanya, Head of the department, classmates, everyone surrounded her. She was bit shy when she found herself lying on a bed , in college guest room.  "Everyone , please don't make her feel uneasy... Let her rest for a while." It was DR.sharma .  When all left, it was only DR.sharma and akshata in the room.  " Hello pretty girl... How are feeling now?"  It was the doctor who spoke. Akshata was little relaxed now, she could only give a smile . "Well, let me give you some flashback... Today morning you were found unconscious in your classroom during the lecture. So , I was called by your principal. He requested me to look over you. " ... By this time akshata could recollect everything slowly.  "Iam DR.radhika sharma, " doctor introduced herself with a smile.  " Hello madam"... Akshata replied.  she was feeling a bit consoled by sharma's pleasant smile.  They had a friendly talk , with a cup of tea. Mrs.sharma was very friendly to her.  "Then, young lady. What was wrong with you today. You had a terrible shock , and got unconscious. Let me know , please feel free".  Akshata opened up slowly.. she spoke out things that worried her.  Dr.sharma found little worried. " Shall I speak to that faculty?"...  Akshata gave a puzzled look. Later she agreed.  It was already 6:00 pm. The doctor dropped akshata to her home. She met her parents and informed them about everything. Finally they decided to meet that lecturer next day morning.  Akshata couldn't sleep that night. But was feeling secure now.  That morning akshata 's parents Mr and Mrs thripathi accompanied with the doctor , along with the faculties had a small get together. The new faculty was told that they just want to meet all faculties and it was his turn now.  It was arranged in the same guest room of the college, with permission of college administration and all faculty. Everyone wished, the thing get sorted out easily. 

Akshata was also called now. When she entered the guest room , she could find everyone. But .. the GUY was missing... She looked at the lecturer carefully.. it was not H..I...M.......  She sat near her parents., And could not control herself now.  "Excuse me sir, are you the new faculty?"...  Everyone gave strange look at akshata now. The faculty answered with a frightened look " yes ... Iam. Don't you remember me?"....  " This guy is not HIM.... How could this happen?.... " Akshata whispered this in the ears of doctor.  Doctor got something flashed in her mind now.... 

Part-3 A Girl's story -3

DR.sharma took a deep breathe.  It was a rainy night. Cold breeze was playing with curtains and windows. She was sitting on an easy chair, staring at window. Her mind was in a deep thought, she couldn't relieve herself from the shock she had in the morning. Her body shivered again ....  That morning she met sharanya, best friend of akshata. After having a conversation with her, she could conclude one thing. Sharanya said that , akshata used to speak with herself oftenly. Other day at the bus stop she was found speaking with herself , and behaved as a stranger with her friends.  Now sharma was clear that ,akshata is suffering from hallucinations. But still wasn't able to know the cause of the disease.  It was 1.30 a.m...  DR sharma was going through some medical journals about hallucinations.By 4.a.m in the morning she decided something and went to sleep.  " Akshata , you are in a subconscious stage. You are feeling a deep sleep. Concentrate,.... By the time I count 5 , you will be in a deep sleep.  1, 2,3,4,5..... Now , we are moving to your past days. 1 month before , have you witnessed something which made you frightened .. ?"...  Akshata was hipnotised by DR. Suresh, the famous psychiatrist. Outside the counselling room, Dr.sharma and akshata's parents were waiting for doctor's response.  Now akshata started speaking slowly... She was mumbling... " Y..e..s , I saw a person, who was harassing a girl and forcing her to love him. It was terrible."  "Where ? , Who was the person"  " Kshitij, my neighbour. He was torturing my friend neha, in parking of our apartment. I came searching for her and I saw them. Later ... "  " Later what happened akshata?... Come on"  " Kshitij groped her and neha tried to release herself . I was afraid and couldn't utter even a word. I stood like a statue and witnessed everything , which was worse. She was brutally raped and tortured. "  " later , neha lost her conscious . Kshitij saw me and warned me , not to tell anyone about this, or else I will be the next victim".  She paused for a while .  " I left the place and started moving towards my flat. My heart was crying and I felt myself very helpless. I was feeling like thousands of crackers bursted all at once in my brain."  Akshata weeped for a while and felt asleep.  DR suresh was panic and was sorry for akshata .  As soon as doctor entered the cabin , he could see eager faces of the three people.  " Akshata had witnessed something which she should not .She saw her friend getting raped and was unable to do anything. This incident had effected her mind and brain .  Due to this , she started imagining herself as a victim. "  Akshata's parents were shocked . DR sharma was tensed .  " She needs good treatment and support. Please, don't tell her about this. She needs more love and care . We can bring back to normal stage . But, it takes time . "  Akshata is under treatment now and her parents are hoping for the best . DR. Sharma and suresh are trying their best .  ........ THE END.....

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