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Life from the perspective of a long term hospital patient.

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017












Here I am a patient,lying in my hospital bed,watching all the thoughts running round and round my head

Will I live,will I survive.Does that nurse know I’d be quite inclined take her to bed,given the go ahead

Whether my body would be up to the job,well that's another matter

How many more tests have I today,I wish the Doctors would go away

Ain't God listening to my prayers,Is he even up there in that grand big great upstairs

I want to be healthy again,am I in this place to be punished for my sins

Will my family visit today,or will they stay away.Am I a burden to them,as they visit every other day


Blood pressure monitors,thermometers,injections and tubes,it’s no wonder at times I’m in an angry mood

Privacy non existent,beds baths,helped to the bathroom,who wants to live like this

Here comes that Priest again,Is it for me or my friend in the next bed

As long as he aint coming to give me the last rites,maybe I’ll be okay

Will I ever get out will I ever be free,will the Doctors like prison warders ever open the gates for me

Will they give me an operation,or just monitor for evermore,summers approaching quickly, I just want to get out the door

That nurse she is quite pretty,and kinda hot,wonder would she be reciprocate my desires,maybe I’ll give her a shot


Oh no here come the tablets and liquids I must endure,here come the Doctors on there daily tour

Ah we have a bunch of students today,this will be interesting,as the Professor will quiz them each and every way

What is his condition,the Professor may ask,as the student Doctors fumble for an answer,it's enough to make you laugh

You gotta find some humour,in this great big place,even if it means fantasizing about the nurses to your taste

As I lay here and wonder will I ever get out of this place

I’m glad I’m in this great big ward,as I watch the other patients and their relatives interact

An insightful view into life,as you do,it can at times make the days go fast


Is that Doctor making moves on that nurse,way over there,or is he out to steal her purse,or just admiring her hair

I’ll have to keep an eye on that

Ah when will I get out of this place,that's what I want to know,

Will writing poetry about the situation,make them release,and let me go

Maybe I can find a scandal,be a whistleblower here,then they'd be glad to see the back of me,I’m sure they'd make that clear

Am I physically well enough to be up and out of here,my mind's a bit groggy now,because of the tablets,so on that I’m unclear

I Suppose I can be grateful it ain't a hospice I am in,cause that's one place you’ll only get out of,when your remains are carried out in a bin

So maybe it ain't too bad being in this great big place.At least it is some time to contemplate my life,and its state

Where is it I am heading to,what is it I am going to do

But in the meantime I’m going to fantasise about the nurses as you do

Hope my angel ain’t watching as I may slip from a state of grace


 What is this pain inside my chest,Is it because of my vest,just a sec I have no vest,what the hell is wrong with me

‘Don't worry Mike’,the nurse she said to me,’It's just your body playing tricks on thee,we’ll look after you and

See you right.So off you go sweetheart,and goodnight’

I’m afraid of an operation,I don't want to die,what if the surgeon is hungover,and the knife slips as he cuts round my eye

I have this fear I am afraid,of this I tell no lie.What if his hand slips as he cuts my body to bits

What if he cuts off my ear,and then I cannot hear,or stabs me in the rear,oh dear,oh dear,oh dear

These are real fears my dear,make no mistake.Anything could go amiss as he weaves his magic wand

Would my relatives miss me,if I were to die,would they say he was one of the best,or perhaps say,he was sly

Would they care if I were gone,and here no more,or would they shut the door on that,and never look back



One day Doctor real soon,tell me I’ll be free to get out of this place,no health issues,no bed issues,no issues

Tell me soon,I’ll get out to see the moon

One day I will be free,but for now,I’ll lay here in my hospital bed,watching the thoughts going round inside my head







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