The Last Wish

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A girl who suffered from a rare heart problem, Miyumi Sato.

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017




Britney Grace Calulot



February 27, 2000, a baby girl was born and she was named Miyumi Sato, daughter of Mr. Jun M. Sato and Mrs. Miyuki M. Sato, a half Japanese baby girl. She has a pinkish white skin with a rosy cheeks, she’s such a beautiful baby. Their family lives in Tokyo, Japan.

When she reached the age of three, her parents found out that their daughter have a rare heart problem. At that time, Miyumi can’t have an operation because she’s still a child. Her parents didn’t let her hang with other kids and it’s because of her condition.

Miyumi still entered school when she was four years old, and in order to keep her heart safe, their family doctor gave her medicines for her to take every day and help her heart beat normal. With this kind of treatment, it makes her heart to be strong enough for the operation.

When she was already fifteen years old, her family and she migrated to Philippines to continue her treatment that will undergo operation. When they went to Philippines, they already talked to Dr. Nakamoto, their family doctor who will handle Miyumi’s operation.

Miyumi’s (1st) POV

I’m still thinking and worried about my upcoming operation, well I know that Dr. Nakamoto will take care of me, but still I’m afraid now that I know there’s a possibility that the operation will not be successful. And oh, I already forgot that I’m now inside my room and I’m starting to write again in my diary. I’m always writing in my diary whenever I feel nervous or sad, and I also have my drawing pad where I draw my own creations made by my imaginations.

I was fixing my luggage when someone suddenly knocked at my door.

“Come in” I said. The door opened and I saw my mom.

“Oh, I taught you’re done fixing your things.” Mom said while looking at my back.

“I’m almost done Mom.” I said without looking at her.

“Okay. After that, you follow me in the living room. Dr. Nakamoto is waiting for us.” And she left my room. I came up with a deep sigh after that.

Mom, Dad and Dr. Nakamoto talked to each other about the schedule of my operation. I don’t want to listen about my operation because I’m too scared, I want to tell them that I’m fine, but my parents are over reacting every time they see me suffering.

“Miyumi, are you listening?”

“Miyumi? Miyumi!” I blinked my eyes and realized that I’m thinking too much about it and I don’t even mind to listen to them.

“I’m sorry Doc.” I said.

“Trust me, okay?” Doc said while smiling at me. I flashed a weak smile as my respond to what did he said.

“Don’t worry Miyu, your mom and I will be there for you.” Dad said and kissed my forehead showing that he really cares for me.

“So, the date was set. Prepare yourself on Wednesday. Okay I’m going.” Said Dr. Nakamoto as he waved his hand.


Days have passed and the operation was quite successful, but still there are some medicines for Miyumi to take every day. Her family is always there and pray for her recovery so that they can go back to Tokyo, Japan to continue her schooling. And now, they almost spent three weeks in Dr. Nakamoto’s hospital. As they spent their stay, Dr. Nakamoto always checking Miyumi’s condition after her operation to know if she’s fine with the operation. Days have passed again, and now they decided to let Miyumi out on the hospital and went to the hotel they’ve check in.


Miyumi’s POV

About my operation, well I feel better now but I need to gain my energy back and we’ll still spend six nights in the hotel. I don’t want to stay in hotel, I want to go home now. It’s not that I hate Philippines, I just don’t want to spend my remaining days inside the hotel, and it’s kinda boring.

“Dad, can we go to the park tomorrow?” I asked as I looked at him pleasingly.

“Hahaha. Silly girl, sure. Why do you want to?” He asked.

“I want fresh air, Dad.” I said and closed my eyes.

“Okay. Sleep now. I love you Miyu.” And he kissed my forehead.

“Goodnight dad.” I said yawning.


I woke up early and ate my breakfast with my parents. It’s another great day for me and to my dad because we’re going to the park.


“Here, drink your medicine.” My mom said as she gave my medicine. I take it and drink it.


Miyumi didn’t mind her condition because she wants to feel and to experience what she didn’t experienced when she was in secondary level. It’s true that the operation was successful but Miyumi knows that her condition will no longer be okay.

She decided to make a diary and write the things she really wanted to do before she leave. She’s doing this before, after and until now, because she can predict that her life now is not like her life when she’s still a baby, and now she’s always cheering herself to be strong. She’s always thinking about her rare condition that is now more serious than before. Her parents didn’t know her condition because, her parents taught that she’s okay and because they always give Miyumi’s medicines from time to time.

Weeks and months have passed, her heart began to beat faster that makes her suffer and nervous. She’s praying every day to ease the pain in her heart. And when she turned 16 years old, she’s always crying alone inside her room. Inside her diary, she wrote that she wants to reach the age of 18 to experience the special day for every girls like her. She wants to celebrate her debut wearing a beautiful dress-gown she designed with a pair of glass-shoe like Cinderella.

One day, Miyumi called Dr. Nakamoto to tell about her condition and be the one who will tell to her parents. After they hanged up the call, Miyumi went to her school to excuse herself, because she has a private project to finish. Miyumi didn’t attend her classes. She quickly went to a charity for kids who has the same condition with her. She’s always going there every time that she’s feeling okay and even weekends just to spend and totally accomplished that she can give the kids a memory with her. But still, there is one thing that she will not experience for the rest of her life.

Winter season is the season that she will turning 17, and this season is what she’s waiting for. Her parents already knew about her serious condition and they already accepted that there’s no other treatment to cure it. Miyumi really like winter seasons and she really waited this season to say goodbye.


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