Love Sonnets

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Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Love Sonnets


Anne Frank:

After the long year of nineteen-thirty

One young girl, who truly who very nice

Would really never try to be dirty

And was hoping for a lot of great peace


She also had her very own small friend

That she used for her personal writing

While their special friendship had no end

As Anne thought it was really exciting


During her short, but interesting life

She hoped to show her legibility

While possibly becoming a wife

And people could see her ability


Anne Frank truly was a beautiful girl

Who was also a unique and clean pearl.


Boris Karloff:

Back in the year of nineteen-thirty-one

A nice man who was always unhappy

Had a great career that had just begun

As people said he was very snappy


When Boris Karloff became a name

He acted with actors with strong voices

As he started to grow more and more fame

And always chose to do the wise choices


One of his memorable roles he played

Was the great monster he did for James Whale

Before he got an awesome acting grade

Plus for his time was the best scary male


His days of acting were really worth it

And must have been thankful he never quit.


Disney Renaissance:

There was a great time called a renaissance,

Which was when Disney made movies and songs

And people each gave pleasing response

While they were all theatre in throngs


Every night I watch the films at my house

When I listen to the song, “Be Our Guest”

And the Disney icon named Mickey Mouse

For to me they are truly the greatest


The film that I think is the most perfect

Is the magical “Beauty and the Beast”

Because of the movie’s cool Beast effect

And Disney’s popularity increased


If Walt Disney lived to see this magic

His life would be good and never tragic.


Gloria Stuart:

During the old days at Universal

A beautiful lady who had blond hair

Was always acting out a rehearsal

By showing everybody her great flair


One of the directors she worked for

Was the famous one who was named James Whale

While he wanted Stuart’s scream to soar

And thinking about hard work, or travail


While at the age of eighty-seven

She got nominated for an award

Thirteen years before she went to Heaven

As Gloria’s popularity soared


After living for one-hundred great years

It is time to give her wonderful cheers. 

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