Rain in My City

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This is a simple poem which will find a new day here. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Someone tremble so many nights before the road you saw was lost away,

I close your eyes knocking all of the last night adventure like a dream page as Time ask to move on,

Refusing to walk away these visitors camp on memories inquiring what is new here,

Something you look at me like this feel our age-old relationships still closer,

Be happy they lift the corner of our heart I thank them for all we are now,

If our friendship embrace the snippets of rain in our unravelled morning,

What has come to life vanished in a foregone time seeking rare imperfection of my motherland ?

Morning we wake up inestimable unmarking the newspaper of all its past events,

Smoke hemmed the embers off our past nights lighting dreams of my eyelids,

People who make these compositions pays the price of the innocence of every commonman,

I sympathize our gentle climate around the roots that threaten time by the press for ridiculing what need to be done,  

This wantage seriously has an abductor robbing the unending chaos around just some manoeuvre,

Our small world of time where dreams shadows scintillating light from heaven above,

We passed this stop for our tea-time near the highway,

I saw someone selling many fresh ripen jackfruit glued together under the banyan hut,

Under the hot sun may be this gives him some income to buy some rice for home and a vagour of toddy for wiriness,

Yet once read in their dreams a story ravaged by courage outlines yesterdays,

Very slowly a new shopping center just begun to be the bonds of village attraction,

Let these callow vines of the piece of Earth gaze across the world to walk with them a lifetime in these shifting times,  

I am going to tell you this story of every common man who still tame his life for a dream occasions,

A little is we need to do when we will stay together for a big friendship as we walk through their lifetime here,

Yet when this city was hacking its shape from its flaws of past infrastructure,

Let us go our days back when my dad used to walk bare foot miles across to near by school,

Even today children of this soil passes through holes of misfortunes people stranded here dont know what might go wrong,

Our dialogue box goes back through the road once inhabitated by mossy greenery on the either transit,

Yet we still see our city roads becomes traps of problems like pitholes salted in the unseen routes,

I raised my morning perdition of the casual labourers who come here for work from neighoring provinces,

I know how life is simply so misearble in their village as once I travelled those area of my land,

Today someone here join us looking at the dark skies to be back for finding work near waiting in this junction,

May be these casual laborers look anxiously facing every passing pedestrian to be available at their service,

Few gets regular job occassionally round the year yet untired in passion to send this money for their back home,

Without any work a roof below to pay for their dwelling nights,

Now far seen on these illusions the barrenness of their hunger leave in the hands of some unknown events,

Thanks for our government who is building new monuments of our days like metro rail which still help them indirectly,

I pass by the same impregnated costume and some people who can hardly go for work to buy a days meal,

Still under a coccon umbrella surviving their last breath inhailing in the unsheltherable draining roofs of nearby medical facility,

They are left vulnerable everyday on questions haunting a wayless health expenses away under a mercy yet some things are changing,

Many institution who love mankind are doing some help for their support through free lunch program and musical charity donations,

Days summons this wily jewel of life powerless when time scorches the wombs of Mother Earth like a lonely traveller who lost its interpretations,

Before I wake up from this sleep my city thoughts tell it to myself,

When a morning in bloom envelope everything in the shadows that you cast may wither yet fall off,

When water fleet its presence everywhere yet we wander for a fresh drop to fill our thirst off,

On this fading thoughts a breakfast fire our kitchen asking a time to move on for saving the availability of fresh water,

Within a prayer for knocking the breath out of me,

In this rainy season I hear the sound of happiness,

For the romance that fills the child swing all its spellings on each rain drop close scattering their hearts voice,

I hear the touch of every soul that mixes intensifying undone in a lifetime breaking our frenzy times where birds sing the smell of my home,

Greatness cascades innocence of all creation on a lounge in these times any contributor be anthology of the next paradise on Earth,

Visiting like a dark cloud still palpable in my eyes,

God may help a time keeper saving pangs of seperation lordly twinkling like the prisoners of the night sky,

Today my city humbly salute wealth from many ordinary civil society observers,

Yesterday these wafts choked our canals made a city dry to fumes may not flow unplanned in this rainy season,

Now before I wake up a decent exposure for our tidy city recieve respect for their work through cleansing unchaste drainage excretions,

This rainy season sings an aroma of auspicious tales sapped its spirit with new evergreen herbs living from the wet soil sedative of its nutrients,

Still may be this time relicts a partition of my dwelling city why I am still despondent on many things on what to do,

Here I have spent my childhood and I heave my thoughts on the willingness of the layman in his struggle to bear the rising cost of his simple conveniences,

It starts wristling their daily memories pausing nearby our local market counting every paisa spend for embracing these plangs of nonpestiside-free food,

I dont know if our unavoidable asylum to depend on food crops from neighbouring province is the night's inebriation but the night is ours,

Now all our eyes near the local beverage with long queue of locals for pollutant free alcohol,

Never in my life I have seen people so disciplined to wait to drink unwelcome water in a situation we need to think about deeper,

It has already started giving rain in sunshine for something we never invented,

Today my city shines in many ornament and most importantly it is time that has truthfuly favored its start for the best,

May be tomorrow we will have lot of people unify a thought to make it still brighter,

In everything let us not forget the temptress of days we will live here to tell a new story again for the welfare of all.

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