finding fanny

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hey guys , i hope u have enjoyed above contents.
these all r fictional , its not taken from any humour, or any people's personal life.......

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Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017





"I have fantasy about , to see lots of cheesy and lump naked hips at goa beech. "  

it can be only say by a horny male. 

on saturday , at ,12.00 pm , when sun light refract in  the different colors trough to sea. many numbers of half nacked chicks were around to the hot masculer ,and macho boys.

it seemed like many john abraham , show off half ass,and wearing pole dots" chaddhha"also dance.on traditional beach song " oh lalla le o .oh lalla le o

Asusual a classicimprovasive indian...this is commercial song of "king fisher "

'Fanny'  if western country listen it.will absolutly sound to getting attract feminist sexual part.......

but in medium classic village , a new bride open up eyes at ,about home inlaws pressure..go to far of house and also find a little corner of field in small bush...that is finding fanny...

As we know that we indians  are improvassive.  see it ".finding - fanny..".....



"hey-hey HOD is coming around in 5 minuts" ..most populer boy of my bca institute .

entering in my class with 36 inch of winked smile,bouncy bleached hair. brought a pestry cake..

yeh ,i am talking about my sindhi crush...rajeev ramani..

it is 5 sept of 2nd year..when all students were healing balloon with boomberg chicks..

beacause its less time remained,all activity turns with remix version of "kata laga ..,haye laga.."finally sir entered. we did all respect in terms of teen boy birthday style .

i set down at last row ,my classmates were too busy to corperate such programme..yeh i were alone here...

.my class girls were acting like glamourous girl having shiny long hair , fair color ,36 -24- 36. figure. they have enormous feature to attract any normal boys easily

because being alone there...i were taking more time to splash my hair from face.. just trying time pass with this silly thing...yeh 

Yeh ,  i sat down at fanny area....

yes i  am black tripical indian south indian girl .. having large chubby figure ..combed oily hairs, 52-40-53 solid structure like black aggrisive bull..

suddenly my crush's soft finger colliesed on my fat wrist ..he said sorryin cringy voice .. i know he was in the peak point of safeness...


5 pm. best time of students clock.....i have no idea about B and C section of my college...  because i had to make stylest and wanderlust and rich  friends to go there..

A section is entry section .i just had being proud of entry with college faculties.. it was too funny to see. a white coller man(Faculty) take 2 rs change from canteen server at.section of B and C..

i was watching of auto rikshaw for going home...all car and bikes ran like a poor girl stood in the centre of sports bike and car.

catched my auto uncle...and asusual  went home with the listening of classic bhojpuri vulgour song gently......


reached home , my mum opened the door aggrisively after 3 times of knocking ,... dude its my signature.."i said that and entried like was going to happen in between of mum and me...

what " urmila" was again apsent

...i just had to tide and clean my room like guest house..its unfair .its too hard to degardat my magzine book in bust of garbage syllabus books....

 suddenly  i became" chamunda" charector and ruined winter food of  small creatures of my room...yes i am talking about termites 

finally i did it.....,tough very tough..uffff...

laided my all body parts one by one  at bed...i was alone at my small bed ..had gaming snake xinza...and won this battle due to fattttt energy..then i rolled my eye ball close to made reach in my class...


4 pm ..i came back to staffoffice ..every body went to home ..some one sat alone besides of seat..and took care of my all small ,tiny was light mote sun rays crossed with golden hair of him...suddenly my ghoose bumps increased  , instantly i got high pulse disease..yeh ,yeh yeh...he is rajiv ...ran trough to rajiv with slow motion walk. were.taking time to feel all such thing...

what the fuck some one is calling babu  in heavy voice that rajiv?....this person came to me ..he was in white kurtaa dressed,messy golden hairs and kharaoo footwear and too in slow motion walk....

  .i was in heaven ....i have died the disease of skin the disease of eating disorder....i admitted in fanny row of heaven rebirth of mine in 36-24-36 figure.

 now god will design me liesierly..




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