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true story about my last summer (2016)

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Hi. My name is Maria and I'm from France. My life couldn't be better right now. It wasn't all that good until now. So, here is story about my last summer.

Trough out my life I was bulied a lot because I was pale. Kids in school would say really mean stuff and even punch me. I had no friend growing up. I had to find a way to enterntain myself. So I was bullied from 1st to 8ht grade. When I finished eight grade I was going to high scool, witch ment ''new life'' or at least I tought that. During that summer I was so insecure about myself, about my body, my face, my skin tone, about my personality. I fell into depression. Depressin is the worst. I never tought it's gonna be THAT hard to get over it. I stoped eating, sleeping and going out of my room. I couldn't eat so I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't sleep for weeks straight. I looked like a zombie yet nobody really cared,not even my parents. I lost all hope when my best and only friend got hit my a car. I felt so alone. I had nobody when I needed anybody. When we moved houses I met a new friend but I wouldn't go anywhere cause I was so depressed. I tought about suicide. A lot. It seemed like the only answer. Depression was slowly going away when I started to go out whit my friend. She inderduced me to one of her classmates and I fell in love. It's one of the best feelings ever. I never tought he would be my boyfriend because I was so skinny and pale. When I was around him I would forget about depression. He asked me out and we got along pretty well. After couple days of hanging out we asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. After one month of dating I told him about my depression and that I want to kill myself. He explaned me how pretty and beautiful I am and that I had no reason to take my life. We've been dating for 10 months and things started to go down hill from there. Last friday, I broke up with him. It was such a hard thing to do but I had to. Everything was great but he took me and my past for granted. He was insoulting me. At the start he was telling me that I was stupid when I would do something wrong. I didn't mind that that much. After a while he started calling me a whore. He told me I was an idiot for trusting him and that Im not as beautiful as he told me. I couldnt stand up for myself because I didnt know how. I was bullied and called names my whole life that I couldnt say a word. Instead I started crying. I didnt want to, but tears fell down. I was speachless. I couldnt believe it. I didnt want to believe it. The boy I loved the most and that helped me get over depression hated me. I was his princess as he called me. I again stoped eating,not by choice. I cried myselfe to sleep every night. I was trying to figure out what did I do wrong. Today, I have learnd alot. He said sorry and asked me to get back togother but I wouldnt. I cant get hurt again. He wrote me a nice message telling me that he never tought I was ugly or a whore he just wanted to piss me off. We are still friends and from time to time he can call me names but Ive learned how to handel it. I started working out and I have a bomb body. No matter who thinks anything about me. 2 days ago was my birthday and he bought me a princess ring and said;» as long as you have this ring I will never ever say anyhing bad to you and I will respect you for who you are. The most beautiful person alive. I feel like sh#t for insoulting you and telling you that you are something you arnt. I would give anything just so I could have you as my girlfriend so I could treat you the way you deserve. « He then againg proposed to be his girlfriend. Even tho I still love him like crazy I had to say no.

Now we are best friends and if anybody bully me he would take care of it. Im really thankful to have him as a friend and it means world to me that at least one of my bullies said sorry to me. 

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