Face to face with a demon

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This is a true story about my experience with a demon.

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017




I've never believed in ghosts and demons until one day something happend to me. 

One day I found an old Ouija board and went out to an old house to ''have fun''. Since I had no friedns at the time, I went alone. I was never scared of anything. 

The doors on the house were locked so I went trough a window. I went on a second floor and took out my Ouija board and starterd to play the game.Nothing really happend so I went home. Trough out couple of days things were strainge. I was cold all the time and around 3 in the morning a really bad smell would wake me up almost every night. After almost 3 weeks, everything stoped. Things were getting better,at least I tougth they were. Things only got worst. Everything was perfectly fine for about 5 days and then it got worst. Loud knocks were waking me up. Knocks were coming from the ceiling at first and then from the walls. That was keeping me awake for days. Knocks were getting louder and louder. One night I stayed awake and there were no knocks. While I was falling asleep I heard whispers that were getting louder. I was freaking out and got up quickly and turn on the lights. There was nothing. Tomorrow night something woke me up. It felt like something was touching me. It woke me up in the middle of a dream. I saw an human like figure standing in the coner. The figure was getting closer to my bed. I closed my eyes hoping I'm still dreaming. I was laying on my back and I opend my eyes slowly. I saw a human like face standing above me and staring directly at me. Since I was woken up from my dream I was paralized and couldnt move an inch. I tried to scream and I couldn't. When finally I could move I stood up and ran out of my room. I've dared to sleep in my room just one more night, but things got creepy during the day. I was sitting on my computer and watching a movie online when I saw something moving on my srceen behind me. I tournd off my screen and kept looking at it. It was staring back at me. I was getting closer and after a couple of seconds I could feel a cold touch on my sholder. I slowly turned around and there it was. Staring right into my eyes. I met face to face with a demon. It had pale skin with black and red strech marks on his face. It was smiling. And the look it had, I will never forget that look. It's like he was staring trough me, but at the same time he was staring right into my soul. It's eyes were black and I could see my reflection and I could see how scared I was. Its hair was white, like an old man. He was so tall that he was sitting on my floor and was able to look right into my eyes. I went complitly silent. We stared at eachother for what seemed like forever but it was only like 30 seconds. He was slowly walking away from me. He was floating more than walking. As he was going away he showed me to turn around. I quickly turn around and closed my eyes. He left and when it got dark outside I went back to the hounted house and aske ouija bored questions. Again, no luck. Nothing moved. But this time I finished the game. I said goodbye. During that nighit nothing was happening strainge.

It's been 3 years since that moment and I'm not scared of demons or ghots and I would do that all over again. Nobody ever believed me. 

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