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Chains, they bound my wrists
But they can't restrain my heart

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017




By: Trinity Tran


Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words will never hurt me

What a lie, yet what a true

Such a parallel opposition


All the hits and punches and kicks

Combined won’t ever compare

To the damage done by deceitful words

And taunts and cries and laughter


Your words are like blades

Your mouth being the sword

Each jeer, each jest

Causing another wound


All the joys of this external world

And all the smiles and cheers

Won’t ever disguise the scars and cuts

Of your vicious, bloodstained blade


Your eyes are the chains

That bound me in this cage

That contain and prevent me

From even the thought of escaping

This eternal torture


What is the cost of freedom?

Whatever must I do?

To escape immortal damnation?

To get away from you?


The price is my heart

My heart and soul and spirit

To risk my innocence

And love and joy

For the chance of a new life


Is it worth it?

Is it not?

The decision is then

But the choice is now


A leap of faith

A trust in God

All it takes

Is all my heart


And so I do it

I slash and claw and trash

My way out of these unbreaking chains

And out of the cage I’m in


I run

I run with all my soul

My broken heart, cracking to pieces

Scattered across the floor


My love, dripping like a faucet

As I run into the woods

A breath of clean and filtered air

Inside my tattered lungs


But there’s a hollowness inside me

A raw and red hunger

To fill and flood all the places

Aren’t occupied any longer


I am lifeless

An empty shell of what I used to be

I am shattered

My pieces scattered across the world

I am unreal

A figment of imagination

Whole enough to be here in spirit

Not enough to be a part of reality

Why did I run?

Why did I escape?

What’s the point of living

If you’re not even here to start with?

But then comes the answer

As clear as the day morning


Yes, I am broken

But I am broken

And free

© Copyright 2018 Avery White. All rights reserved.

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