Immigrant Civil Rights

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This is for a school project and i chose this area because of the fact that immigrants from all over the world are discriminated against even though they really are what makes America great. It would help a great deal if you could comment how you feel about this issue it would really help me understand the response of this. Thanks.

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Immigrant Civil Rights


One of the biggest issues if not the biggest civil rights issue today is immigrants.  This issue affects almost everyone in the US on an almost daily basis because of the large impact immigrant have on us.  The main parts of this issue right now consist of illegal immigrants, which as of 2012 is estimated to be approximately 11.4 million and has been predicted to be going down since then due to deportations from both President Obama and President Trump, and the issue of refugees and other people coming here legally that are declined.


The two issues listed are directly related in a cause-and-effect way.  The immigration process right now is so difficult that it causes good people to break the law. The main occurrence of this happening is with Mexicans and other Hispanic people coming across the Mexican-American border from their country of origin.  This biggest misconception that people make about this (primarily caucasian Americans) is that this are bad people. Infact our current President, Trump, said this during his campaign:


"When Mexico sends it people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,"


Some people thinks that calls all Mexicans bad people but it doesn’t. However it calls most illegals bad people who cause a lot of the violence, drug problems, and rape that occur in the US and that is not true on many levels even though it is something that is largely believed in the US.  If that was true that would mean that over half of the 11.4 million brought drugs and violence with them which means that the US would probably be in a somewhat state of anarchy right now.  I know that because according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 42.9% of violence in the US is caused by white people where only 14.8% is caused by hispanics. So, to any person who wants to say that illegal immigrants are bad people and are the cause of a lot of the violence I would say that they probably shouldn’t make any prejudices because if immigrants and the rest of the world were to do that about white people then it would cause a lot of trouble even for white people who don't believe that because they would actually have a massive leg to stand on from looking back at America’s messy history or even just looking at the horrific treatment of immigrants right now.  The main reason that they think illegal immigrants are bad people is because they break the law coming here illegally and are therefore bad.  And to that it comes down to having to put yourself in their position so let me describe a scenario and try to understand the feeling:


You are the head of your family with a child on the way living in Mexico.  Your whole life you have worked and tried.  You see harsh things like drugs and violence on a daily basis. You have been providing for your family for decades and have made no progress at raising your family's standards because you need the money and can't get an education. Your family has been this way for generations and can’t escape the cruel cycle. Then, with a child on the way, you see a sliver of hope to escape the horror and give your new child a life of progress in America with a full citizenship. If you go legally it is a long and frivolous process that costs a lot more money then you have.  So you result in knowing all you have to do is break the law once and bring your family across the border.


I don’t know about everyone else but I would break the law and attempt to come to America. I believe that this does not make me a bad person or make any of them automatically a bad person. If all you are doing is trying to survive and give a better future to later generations in your family you should not be called a criminal.


Now with the second issue being legal immigrants and refugees you must understand that these are all people who still are just looking for a better life In the US. The number of Syrian refugees 13.5 million according to the UN.  That number is only Syrian refugees and not including the number from the rest of the world.  The total of displaced people is over 60 million.  That is almost a fifth of the population in the United States.  Not even 5 million of refugees have been accepted as of January, 2017.  These numbers are completely ridiculous.  These people have nothing many people choose to just ignore them.  Some of them have even had their homes bombed of countries like Russia and in Syria some were gassed by their own government recently and in the past.  


Turning your head or saying “America first” will not solve these problems but what will is going and fighting to change these catastrophic problems talking and protesting in some way the injustices that are happening to immigrants around the US.  The best way to help is by voting. Voting pro-immigrants is a small thing you can do that can make a big difference and revolutionize the world into an area with less racism and racial tension.

It would help a lot if you leave a comment of some sort to let me and others know how you feel about this important issue. Thanks for reading.

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