46 billion light years and counting

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this short story is about how two people living in two different countries fall in love. i wrote this for a friend for english class, love is not my strong suit, so be kind!

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Samantha was going through an old box that was in her closet for many years. She pulls out a diary from when she was seventeen and starts to read it: “I met a guy online today, he lives in Germany and his name is Charley. We haven't talked much, but I really like him.”

*Twelve Years Ago*

“Hey, my name is Samantha. From what I’ve seen on your profile, you seem really cool. We should talk” is how it all began. Samantha and Charley began talking almost everyday after that message. Charley lived in Germany, and Samantha lived in Canada. Charley worked the night shift at a gym, and they would talk on Skype from the moment he got there to the moment he got home. This continued for about a year, then for Samantha's eighteenth birthday, she got a plane ticket and a passport and flew to Germany to meet him. While they were talking online, they stayed friends because neither of them liked long distance relationships, but when she got there, they fell in love. Charley took two weeks off work so they could spend every moment possible together. They went to movies, went out to eat, and played video games together. When it came time for Samantha to leave, they agreed to stay friends for the sake of each other, and their hearts. About four months later, a band that they both love was having a concert in a city seven hours or so from Samantha. They both really wanted to go, so Charley bought his plane ticket and Samantha bought the concert tickets. A week before the concert, Charley flies to Canada for the first time, and Samantha picks him up from the airport. They have an amazing time, then they drive to the concert. They both loved the concert, and loved the band even more after, then they stayed in a hotel for the night and drove back the next morning. They got back in town in time to go have dinner, so they went to a fancy restaurant, and Charley paid because he felt bad that Samantha paid for the concert tickets, and he would feel worse if she paid for dinner too. For the next couple of days, they were having as much fun as they possibly could. Charley only had three days left before he had to fly back to Germany, so they decided to take another trip out of town. They went about five hours out of town and had as much fun to have a really good last memory together. They drove back to town and got there two and a half hours before his flight left, so they decided to go have one last meal together. Samantha drove him to the airport and walked him to his gate. He turned and started to walk away after a long hug, then he turned back around and kissed Samantha passionately, and in that moment, they knew they needed to be together, that they were meant to be together, but neither of them said anything, so Charley, and then walked away. Samantha watched him go through security and get onto his plane, as a tear rolled down her cheek. When Charley’s plane landed in Germany, he texted Samantha to tell her he got back okay, and that he would call her when he got home. As he said he would, he called her as soon as he walked in the door, and they had a conversation as if nothing happened, as if they didn't kiss, as if they didn't know they needed to be together. It was really late, so they said goodbye and went to bed. They woke up the next morning at around the same time and messaged each other, and for the next four months, they continued talking like normal. As if they didn't kiss. As if they didn't know they were meant to be together. As if they didn't love each other. Through these four months, their love grew stronger, and they couldn't ignore it anymore. At the ends of their conversations, they always say “Love you, lol”, only meaning it as a best friend, but at the end of this conversation, Samantha said “I love you, goodnight”, and Charley responded “I love you too, goodnight”. In that moment, Charley knew Samantha felt the same as he did, and Samantha knew that Charley felt the same as she did. For the next couple months, they were slightly flirting, they were in that awkward phase of more than friends but less than dating. One morning, Charley woke up, messaged Samantha and told her: “I’m sorry, but I can't do this. I like you, I really do, but I hate long distance stuff. I feel like we are moving towards a place where we are more than friends and I can't do that. I really can't. I just, I need to take a break, from talking to you. I really am sorry.” Samantha woke up and read it, she was heartbroken. She hated the world and everything in it. For about a month, Samantha was continuously checking her phone, hoping he said something, anything, until the day he did. “Hey Sammi, how have you been?” Samantha was overwhelmed with joy and happiness and excitement. “Hey, I’ve been alright, you?” to which he replied “I have actually been really good. My mom set me up with this girl and at first I really didn't like her, but my opinion is starting to change. I think I might actually really like hrt.” “Her**” Samantha was crushed when she read that, she had kind of wished he didn't reply at all.  “Oh? What is she like?” Samantha asked, “She is really funny, and beautiful, and she is really really smart.”  “Cool, well I gotta go. Talk later.” and Samantha went out to eat with a few of her friends. About a week goes by of them occasionally messaging before Charley asks Samantha if something is wrong. She lies and tells him that everything is fine, he doesn't believe her though, “I don't really believe that, so for whatever it is that is bothering you, I am sorry.”  Samantha asks why he doesn't believe her, “Because I know you. We may have not talked for like a month but I still know you. I know when you are upset or when something is bothering you and I can tell that something is bothering you.” She once again denies it, which only makes him not believe her more. About a week goes by until Charley realizes what upset Samantha, it was him talking about that girl. He immediately messages her to apologize. She rejects the apology and  insists that nothing is wrong. A few days goes by without them talking, so Samantha decides to tell him the truth, “Hey, we haven't talked in a couple days and I want to tell you the truth. The reason I have been upset is because you were talking about that girl. The issue I have is that I really like you, I might even love you and I thought that you felt the same way, I really did. But when you brought up that girl, and you were talking about how happy you were that your mom set you up and how much you like her and how funny and smart and beautiful and nice and perfect she is it, shoved it in my mind that you don't feel the same way as me, you don't like me that way, you...you don't love me. At least not the way I love you. I’m sorry. I probably shouldn't even send this because it might screw everything up, but oh well. I want you to know the truth. The truth about why I was so upset and have been acting so weird and distant these last couple weeks. I am sorry.” Then, she hit send and anxiously awaited his response. About an hour and a half later, he replied, “Sammi, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you or anything. My mom didn't set me up with anyone, every single time I was talking about this gorgeous, smart, funny, nice and kind girl that I met, I was talking about you. I guess I should have been less subtle about it and I shouldn't have said that my mom set me up with someone. I should have said that I met this funny, gorgeous, smart, kind and nice girl on the internet a couple years ago that I am madly in love with and I would kill to be with her every second of every day but unfortunately she lives in a different country, actually, a different continent, and that really, really sucks and that I don't know what to do about it because I cannot ignore these feelings and, I don't want to ignore, or even try or to pretend to ignore these feelings because I love these feelings and the only reason I get these feelings is because of you and that makes me love you even more, or, it would, if that were possible but it isn't because the amount of love I have for you is like the universe, 46 billion light years and growing every second of every day and it cannot be ignored or looked over.” Samantha had no idea what to reply, she was so caught off guard and surprised and happy. “Is that honestly how you feel?” She says after rereading it a few times and thinking, “Yes. Was that too much?” He asked, “No, no it was not too much. I, I don't even know what to say. I am over the moon happy that you feel the same way.”  Charley: “You’re happy I feel the same as you do?”  Samantha: “Yeah, I am more than happy”  Charley: “No no no, you don't get to say that you felt it first. No. I have felt like this since the day we met. Don't be stealin credit from me like that *laughing/crying emoji*”  Samantha: “Haha, fine. You get the credit *laughing/crying emoji*”  Charley: “It is credit that I am honored to have”  Samantha: “Haha. So, how are we going to make this work? Germany and Canada aren't exactly close to each other.” Charley: “I have absolutely no idea. But what I do know, is that I want it to work. I know that it needs to work. I know that we are meant to be together. And I know that I love you.”  Samantha: “I love you too. So. If this is going to work, one or both of us will have to move. Who is moving where?”  Charley: “Hmmm, how about, we both move, to, uhm, how about England? Maybe London or Brighton?”  Samantha: “That sounds perfect. I am gonna get a job, and we BOTH have to start saving up. I know that you are horrible at saving money, you get it and have to spend it immediately, but in order to do this, we BOTH need to save up.”  Charley: “I know I know I know, I will save my money. I would say that I will do my best, but my best sucks when it comes to saving money so I will have to do like a thousand times better than my best, lol.”  Samantha: “Lol okay. Then let's start saving up!”  Charley: “Let’s!! I cannot wait until we are living in London with a daughter and a son and have jobs that we love and a really nice house and the perfect life together with love just like the universe!”  Samantha: “Haha, I can't wait for that either! But who says we are moving to London? What if I want to move to Brighton? *laughing/crying emoji*”  Charley: “Haha, but I wanna move to London! London is so much better! *laughing/crying emoji*”  Samantha: “What makes London so much better?”  Charley: “Did you really just ask that? The giant clock!!(I don't remember what it's called)”  Samantha: “Big Ben?”  Charley: “YES! BIG BEN IS WHAT MAKES LONDON SO MUCH BETTER THAN BRIGHTON! *laughing/crying emoji*”  Samantha: “Haha, that is a good point, Big Ben is pretty awesome. London it is. With jobs that we love and a daughter and a son and a really nice house and the perfect life and love just like the universe. That is where we are headed.”

*Present Day*

“Mommy? Mommy?!” Eight year old Harlie says, Samantha snaps back into reality, “Hey, what's up, baby?” “Daddy told me to tell you that we are leaving for the airport in a couple minutes so hurry your butt up” Harlie says as she runs off. Samantha puts the diary in her purse, picks up her suitcase and leaves with Charley and Harlie to the airport. After a long flight, they land in Germany, go to Charleys parents house, sleep, and then the next night went out for dinner at the first restaurant that Samantha and Charley went to, and Samantha and Charley ordered the same meals as they did that first night they met. They stayed in Germany for two weeks, then went to Canada and went to the same restaurants as they did the first time Charley visited Samantha. After being in Canada for about two weeks, the three of them flew back home. Back to London. They were happier than ever, happier than every single time they visited each other because when they visited each other, their happiness was limited, and for a limited amount of time, but now there are no limits on their happiness or on their love, both of which are endless. Samantha and Charley returned to their jobs and Harlie returned to school. Harlie, as her mother was, is a straight A student. Samantha is a teacher, she loves her job and she is amazing at it. Charley is head chef, at a very famous five star restaurant, he is also very good at his job and loves going to work.  

So here they are, twelve years later. Living in London with jobs that they love, a daughter and a nice house and the perfect life. Everything the wished for. They reached their destination. They got to where they were headed. Only one thing was missing, they said: “Jobs that we love and a daughter and a son”, but where is their son? They didn't have a son, only a daughter, but they still had the perfect lives, lives that they love. Lives that are filled with love and joy and happiness. This is where their story ends, for now. They went on with their normal lives, until of course, they found out that Samantha was pregnant again. Then, nine months later, a baby boy named Jack was born. They had everything they wanted. Jobs they love, a daughter and a son, a nice house, and love just like the universe, 46 billion light years and counting.

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