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Drowning with out calling it that.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Panic sets in, sounds of splashing, yet you are not sure where it is coming from. Neither do you know what it is coming from. Your body starts to tense up as things go in and out of a burning haze of blue. The taste of salt on your tongue as it burns your throat when you try and catch your breath each time you see light.

The light beings to fade to darkness. Your body beings to feel as if it has turned to stone as you descend into the deaths. Your mind brings back old memories of long ago. Like the first time you rode a bike, your first date, and even your first love. You want to cry but can not.

Cold, what you believed the darkness would be. It's almost laughable in a sadistic kind of way. Your past regrets being to surface. When you wish you would have jumped head first or when you should have held back. It was all to late now and all you can do now is hope you did enough good to receive a peaceful after life.

Damn it is freezing. Why was this happening to you? Never would you have thought this could have happened to you the first time you visited the ocean. Yet here you are now because of a little prick to the side of your leg you thought was nothing. Something you thought was pretty. A gift from your mom. A simple shell to add to your collection of random gifts for your family back home.

You always see stories about this kind of thing happening to people on vacation. Yet the chances of it actually happening to you was low. At least you think that is what you read. God, it is so cold.

You now wonder if you tried calling for help or if that was just a delusion of your mind. You can't be sure as your thoughts being to fade. You can almost feel it all slipping away from you as you go farther down into the darkness.

Your last thoughts are of your loved ones. Hoping nothing was left unsaid. Understanding they will go on, they have to. Realizing you loved them all, and hope they knew that you did. Someone's beautiful smile cross your mind before everything fades away. The fish swim by as if nothing is happening as the life fades away from your eyes. Forever in the cold.

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