Weird Goings On

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happened to Louis Scotts? That's the thought that has gone through many people in this small quiet Cornish village. At the heart of this mystery, was a mysterious girl who just appeared in the forest while Louis three friends are looking for him.
Who is this girl?
Could she know where Louis is?
Read on to find out.

Table of Contents

Louis Does Not Live Here Anymore

Submitted: May 02, 2017

The storm shrieked hard beating up many of the trees and shrubberies in the Cornish lands.   The pig’... Read Chapter

The girl with no name

Submitted: May 02, 2017

The next morning was bright and sunny after the storm.   Miss Scotts, a woman with straight brown hair and ... Read Chapter

Bodies and Secrets

Submitted: May 02, 2017

The morning after was very quiet and awkward. Ollie and Sophia were trying hard not to tell anyone about 062, although they were unsure... Read Chapter