Pray Less. Do More.

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Praying is not enough ...

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Pray Less. Do More.



“God bless the poor.”

You say and sign the cross

After we pass a homeless person

But I wonder,

Why not tithe here instead

Of church?

Why not vote in politicians

Who contribute more of our taxes

To benefit society

Rather than funnel it

Into the military and

Big businesses?


“Only God can change him.”

You say after telling me about

Your son’s addiction.


Why not encourage him

To go to rehab?

Why not set an example

And put down the bottle yourself?

Why hasn't he seen a therapist

To deal with the issues in

His past?


God helps us

Miracles exist

God will support us in the process

But first you have to

Take the first step

Are you waiting for God

To shower millions?


Rather, iron your clothes

And apply to jobs

You're waiting for God to save

Your marriage or

Match you with “The One”


Talk to your partner honestly

And if you’re single

Start meeting people

Who match your values

And meet your standards

God will be there with

A miracle

Wherever you can't

But first, you must do

Everything you can.

Pray less.

Do more.



 -- K.S. Fort



From the new book :


Humanity in Poetry : Poetic Therapist


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