Dead on Arrival

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Poverty is an injustice.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Dead on Arrival


They say he died naturally

But he didn’t

Let's look a bit closer

At how he died


Could it be his

Abusive father played a role

His addicted mother

His long-lost step siblings

Placed across the state


Could the polluted clouds

Have play a role

It couldn't have helped

His asthma

Or the acid rain

That pours in his city

Or the tap water no one

Can drink but are

Forced to pay for


Did the school system do anything

To prevent his death

Or was it also a culprit

With its understaffed schools

Outdated books

The key to opening new doors

For him was damaged

And the lock was always hidden

As good as his grades were

As much as he tried to succeed

How could he compete

With the school of the elites


But he soon found another job

After he was done with school

And wasted away in the same

City he was born

Constantly lied to by politicians

Who could never have imagined

Where he came from

And how hard he worked


But it's hard to say

That one of them killed him

Because he died of a heart attack

At age 55

But from where he started

Can we really argue

That society really

Wanted him alive?



 -- K.S. Fort



From the new book :


Humanity in Poetry : Poetic Therapist


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