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This is a short story about the love i have for a girl that i cannot love because of the mental health she brings about. The never ending war in my head that sparked me to write this really made me put personal problems in writing

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Do you like it over here? Out here in the numbing cold during summer. Look up boy, look upon this hill, look at everything that the Suns rays hit, look and run towards it, because it will not be sunny for long. Run boy run, careful, dont look back, the wolves are coming. Dont say too much, but say enough. Everything is closing in on you, the knee high trees which grow toward your mind, reaching out just to be seen. Stop trying to get the matches out to light this place up, because we both know there is nothing but darkness over here, you of all people should know this, because this is your home. 

My dreams put besides me while im here, just anxiety thats making my head go through the Suns Rays. Inhale that fog, inject that mindset, it'll give you a little kick, a kick to make you forget where you are. Maybe just for a minute you'll ask "Do you want me, just the way i am?". 

Wake up boy, you've had this dream before, its the same one, just get up and run to the ocean, draw a rainbow in the sand. Go swim in the coean. Cleanse the pain. 

Yes, but Everytime i draw rainbows in the sand, they come out mad, they have foam coming out the side of their mouth, and everytime i go for a swim, i think of staying here forver, under the water, watching the tide take the trees away. Lets marinade on that for a while, because we have no wilderness skills.

I try cleansing the pain, but its a sealed door with no lock. look around, nothing but darkness here and the wolves infront of you and behind the door. Pink Gold Soliders. You. Rainbows. Oceans. Fame. Simorgi. Esmeralda. This leads to no gates, just stairs with whips, leashes and chains. You're gone now, 1000 parralel universes brought to an end, 1000 universes entering what you've know for 1000 years


Clench your fists until your nails rip your skin. Try punch down these walls, try fuck this world up, maybe just for a second you'll make it to the half covered world which you can only reach at your worst. Look around, there are no walls, but you're trapped, there are no emotions, but youre in pain, there is no vision but you can see everything you dont want to see. Unclench your fists because we both know they should be around your neck, never to leave until you can no longer see the unseen, until you can no longer not feel the pain thats always there, and dont you dare let go until those walls you once knew fall down upon you.

How can an angel break my heart?

How can angel be more dangerous than a loaded gun?

How can an angel bring hell to my doorstep? 


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