Kaptin Komma - part four

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last part of four - for Kaptin Komma - The Alien that saved mankind.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017








Kap and the trucker moved over to the counter.  Noticing that the owner was surly and very dead.  The other man quibbled, ‘what do we do now?’


‘We rearm and regroup.  They will come back for me.  And to kill or abduct you.’


‘And believe me,’ whined the trucker, ‘you don’t want them to do the latter.’


Kap turned his attention to Brad.  ‘Are you alright?’


‘Am I alright?’ cursed the rough looking dude, who had a mild resemblance of Brad Pitt.  ‘I just shot an alien.  And survived.  What are you people?’




Brad reloaded his revolver.  Adding one, to have five bullets, ready to play this crazy game.  The man at the bar picked up Dan’s shotgun and set it to shoot.  The trucker held his rifle tightly.  All gathered by or near the counter and two diner tables.  Kap had to plan fast.  There had to be some way to make a deal with the Scaronites.  He was one of them, surely that had to mean something to even evil aliens.  ‘They are nasty aliens,’ Kap finally answered to Brad.


Brad laughed, shaking his head.  He could see clearer than anyone there.


‘What is it? What is so funny about all this?’


‘Nasty! You said.  Can you not see.  You are alien too.  You are an evil one too.  You are worse than them.  That is why they backed off.  You are the Evil alien.’


Kaptin Komma froze his eyes on the madman.  It was like a block of hell on his mind.  He was a Scaronite.  Moreover he was now the most feared Scary Knight.  His humanity fainted within.  Was he truly the nightmare of all nightmares?  At that moment, he blacked out.  The alien slipped by the counter.  He dissolved into a man.  The ring on his finger fell off.  The shackles of doubt were met with the cold hard floor of the American Diner.




Outside the diner, away from the fuel pumps, General Kanta reported to the spaceship Sero.  Kaptin Rattling was informed to remain in position.  The situation was at hand.  He was sure his small quarry can detain or kill Kaptin Komma, alone.  The scar on his left limb stung.  Those humans are not bad for fighting with.  The dead alien was a pity.  Kanta looked at his remaining gang. 


The female Scaronite admired the might of Kaptin Komma.  She wondered if he was a new kind of evil.  He had assembled a small army of humans and thwarted their advances.  Private Smoz stood closer and more attentive beside her leader, General Kanta.  She was a true warrior.  It was more fun on the Sero, to shoot and destroy battleships.  But the bloodlust of the evil race, ran through her alien veins.


Together with Private Lot and the warrior alien, General Kanta made moves to confront his troublesome comrade once and for all.  The front was the only way in really.  The back of the diner was blocked by a fifty foot mound that sat at the base of a mountain of New Mexico.  The small garage, diner and fuel base was unnoticed by the rest of the Earth.  The middle of the night was like and island of time.  What could be done to stop the conflict? 


* * *





Around the world, reports had been flooding in.  Strange sightings had sprung up.  Colourful dots in the sky.  Flashes of neon sprayed in the vicinity of the Moon and the orbit of Earth.  News clips showed UFO’s in some kind of situation.  The majority of humanity ignored any facts.  Most were more concerned with poverty and austerity levels.  Still the radios crackled on about the visionaries in space.


NASA and SETE had plans to send up a space probe.  But funding was withdrawn.  The money coffers deemed the circumstances irrelevant.  Still one alien heard the radio buzzing.  It gave him an idea.  An audience.  A possible vice to intrigue the dark minds of the Scaronite Empire.  Seconds were ticking.  The radio announcer had his voice changed.  The speaker in the diner rose in sound-waves.  Around the world a tone deafened the humans.  Yet the nearby aliens could hear the cunning notes of their admirable problem, Kaptin Komma.




On the small forecourt of the American diner, a tannoy announced a proposal to the alien hoard.  Before General Kanta could pass by the oil pumps, he heard Kaptin Komma, ‘look up above General, you will see the sky is clear.  In a few seconds, it will be sealed off.  I am in the process of covering the Earth with a shield of Scaronite.  If you do not go, you will hear a human cry.  And not be able to escape.  Like the Dromonice, you have seconds.’  With a sinister air or evil, the smooth tones of Kaptin Komma spat out one word slowly, ‘RUN!’


Private Smoz turned her curious demon like head at the sky.  It was changing colour.  The blue blackness of space was being clouded by a purple haze.  With it was a pain plunging power of sound.  It was the echo of a human baby.  From the very early beginnings of the man who was found by a dying alien.  A nervous doubt grew on the minds of the warmongering Scary Knights.




Private Lot made moves to return to the safety of his pod.  In doing so he smashed into the face of the same minded form of the Scared warrior Knight.  They pawed each other to flee the infernal sound of a screaming toddler.  The more the General and Private Smoz heard the screeching yell, the more perturbed they became.  It was not the tones of the Kaptin that filled them with nightmarish thoughts.  It was that bawling echo of a human infant, sounding like a grating saw on soul reaching bone.


The four Scaronites found their pods.  The idea of retaliation was not in their heads.  Even evil aliens had a threshold for mind numbing pain.  Even the spaceship was shaking in space.  The crew prepared to return to the comfort of dark side of the Moon.  As soon as the General had gotten back, Kaptin Rattling rattled even more than usual.  The idea of wearing earplugs had not been fathomed yet.  That could be planned tomorrow.  The sanctity of space felt a lot more appeasing.


* * *





The humans went outside for some air.  They had just fought off aliens, and survived.  The friend of old man Dan, owner of the diner, stood silent for a moment.  Also there, was the trucker, one eye less but alive.  Scratching his head was Brad the average looking office worker, yet was a wanted killer.  This gave him a sinister understanding of the situation.  Beside him posed the very different man of Earth, Kaptin Komma. 




The world woke up to find the sky a new colour.  Behind any fluffy white clouds.  Or stormy grey yarns of mist.  A clear purple seemed to leer and linger.  The Sun was still warm and yellow.  Just the blue had gone.  It was soon apparent that a force field of some kind, had been place around the globe.  Derision was strife for awhile.  It allowed normal aircraft to fly.  But left any space vessel grounded indefinitely.


This riled the scientists and sceptics.  Yet the typical humans realised it meant they could concentrate on make their personal lives in to a better fashion.  The material needs could now be redefined by politicians and give the ignorant and greedy room to find easy methods to be part of the lazy society.  Still the law and military were preparing to find out - what the hell had happened.




By the front door of the diner remained the remains of the recently deceased alien warrior.  Gone was the former demon head and limbs, these were just dissolving dust.  Behind lay the shell parasite, slowly pulsating.  Its energy fading fast.  Brad looked at the dead alien, then at the living one.  His mind put two and two together.  It was clear that this oval skin had a reason for being.  Before Kaptin Komma could warn him.  Brad had accepted the life giving entity.


The humans looked back to the diner.  The alien leader frowned his packman like face.  Shaking it and cursing, ‘no, no, no!’


For seconds, the trucker and other man stared in disbelief and disgust.  A hazy dust raced around the newly born alien.  Standing grinning staring stood a very grey faced and limbed being.  The handgun was buried in the handy shell pouch.  Also inside was a light but lethal laser gun.  A wall mirror by the doorway echoed the sight of a green shell with a grey menacing Scaronite.  A sinister voice praised his luck. 


‘What is your designation?’ asked the troubled Kap.


Brad stepped out into the night.  Hands held out to show friendliness. 

‘You may call me, Drib.  Do note fear me, Kaptin.  I owe you my new found life.  I shall not stop you from your plans.  I only desire to be free.  Free to leave, when you are satisfied with your little war.’


At that Brad smiled a most inhuman way.  His eyes stared at his static pod.  A nerve throbbed with glee on his neck.  He ran to his orb.  Sat in it and zoomed up to fifty feet above the diner.  The highway was very quiet.  The distant city was sparkling like the stars above.  After a spin in his machine, around a nearby hill.  Drib, returned to the side of his new comrade.  Parked up.  Nipped out of his pod.  Then half saluted Kaptin Komma.  ‘While I am still here.  What next - Kaptin?’


* * *





The living alien parasites had felt the pain throughout the known Universe.  The elders and lawmakers of Dredalo had nightmares of human infants causing eclectic turmoil to all evil beings.  This could be revealed as a weakness to the enemies of the Scaronite Conquest of the Air Realms Safe to Eliminate.  Or SCARSE for the dumbfounded thick Scaronite families watching on Scar TV, or reading the Dilly Dally Daily Scaro Newspaper.


Unknown eyes from unknown places watched the stars from far away telescopes.  Interstellar constellations were marred by a bolt of white, shooting from the well known land of horror.  One red pod revolved and raced through space from Dredalo.  Inside sat a being of importance.  It was a Scaronite with the powers to permit deals with awkward foes.  Although never used before.  The eventuality had arrived.  So sprang forth, Sage of Spores.




The resident sat back upon his tombstone.  He was sure it was his.  Tiredness ran throughout his head and torso.  Yet a terrible thirst came terribly from nowhere.  Away from the grave, passing by several other local deceased, lay a quiet bar.  It was in a lost area of Santa Fe.  Where cutthroats from the wild west days had succumbed.  Yet the living dead man was alone.


A silver dollar sat in his sweet smelling suit.  Some how he remembered being a company manager and moving from slums into the high life.  Yet his position had been cut short.  Ceased by an insane man he had to sack.  A neat tumbler of whiskey helped to calm his already dead nerves.  The mindless barman, poured him a few more drinks.  The scene was soon overcome by a vision.  It was a being that looked like a walking turtle.  Another shot was met by the tones of a familiar voice. 


Clarity came the ears and sight of the dead man.  Before his stood Brad.  The man he had sacked.  ‘What are you doing here?’ insisted the drunk from the beyond the grave.


‘I was dying too.  And somehow I was given a new lease of life.  So now, I have given you a purpose.’  Brad shimmered his form from human to Scaronite.  The barman and few customers were made blind.  A strange tone and mist of grey made them all ignorant of the alien man.


The dead man stared into deathly grey eyes.  His gaze seemed to fuse into another realm.  ‘I am now, Drib.  Things have changed now on Earth.  Another being has declared this world protected and shut off from any others.  I am making you my deputy.  You are my way back to Earth.  My dead drunk deputy.  If any harm comes from outer space, you shall call on me.  Although I hate you for ending my world.  I thank you for leading me to this.  Now I can leave for other worlds.  Stay here Forbes.  Sleep by day.  Drink by night.  You my Earthly Scary Knight.’


At that, the vision vanished into the night.  A glug of spirit heated the head of Forbes the dead man.  He now knew that something had happened between his death and the present day.  It was the day that something or someone had saved the Earth from aliens.


* * *





The trucker and the friend of the late Dan, returned to the bar of the battle scared diner.  Both men had deep shots of something strong.  They earned it.  They saw off the two aliens.  A purple orb, then another green were seen rising in the early dawn sky.  They passed through a new reddish atmosphere.  Drib laughed inside to himself, ‘at least Earth is safe.  Maybe I can avenge abductees.  My way.’  The evil being hid his ideas from Kaptin Komma.  They were heading for the Moon.  And then the Sero, to discuss the terms for the safety of Earth. 



The horror-graph room had been tuned into a new frequency, by the science team that know a lot of little secrets.  The chamber was now a large hall where a huge table was surrounded by huge thrones.  Specially designed to take a Scaronite and its shell.  Some hosts do have odd looking orbs.  Sitting down can take practise for the battle worn or disfigured alien.  Ten seats were taken by ten Scaronites.


Down one side of the oblong table, sat four high ranking generals.  General Kanta was beside General Obis, a leader of scientists.  Then General Spiel, the highest ranking of the elite Scout Scaronites.  The fourth member was not a General, it was Kaptin Rattling.  They were on his ship, so he had a right to be there. 


On the opposite side of the table with rounded corners, to make it easier for shells to get round, sat Private Smoz and Private Lot as they were familiar with the situation.  Included was Drib and Kaptin Komma, defenders of the Earth.  No humans were present on the alien ship.  This was a debate for arbitrary rights.  Kaptin Komma was demanding the Earth a no go area.  But to allow the dark side of the Moon to be a landing base for the Scaronite fleet.  One ship at a time or a fine to be in place.




In the chamber sat the eight members of the debate.  Heading this issue was a white alien.  He was seating at each end of the long table.  This was a Scaronite with very pale features.  All the ruggedness of a hideous gargoyle was smoothed to marble/silk countenance.  The caped tall old man had a large book and charcoal like pen.  It was a bulky pen.  Scaronites had awkward hands.  Yet they were merely conformed with easy to use inventions.  The legal leader scribed onto a page the name, Kaptin Komma and the Earth issue.


A very lithe tone fell from the vocals of Sage of Spores.  ‘What do you, Kaptin Komma wish to be the result of this debate?’  Silence filled the air like chalk on silk.  Sage already knew the situation very well.  A legal eagle of the Spores breed always learnt the facts.  He also had been informed of the alien that was at hand.


‘Mr Sage, I Kaptin Komma, demand that the planet Earth, be left alone from torment and experiments.  I have witnessed how humans have been treated.  I know what evil is, and the Scaronites abuse this title.  You know that my host was a human.  They know what good and evil are.  They have felt it all the time.  Scaring victims is fine by me.  But debauchery to the body and mind is indisputable to me.  I do have an idea that may please the Scaronite race, if you may hear me?’




The ghostly hand of Sage met the arm of Kap.  It was the horror-graphic end of the table, yet it felt very real.  The smooth voice heard the plea.  Looking around at the others, it was clear they had understood the wordings.  Yet the Scaronite lawmaker tried to rebuke the deal.’


At that point, the alienated Brad spoke up.  ‘Oh Sir,’ his grey voice mouthed, ‘You do not want to be so short noticed with the Human Race.’


All eyes and ears zoned in on the newly reborn alien that was once a mighty warrior.  Sage was all ears and implied for a reason for interrupting him.


Drib continued, ‘remember what you heard that brought you hear,’ The Scaronites cringed at the memory.  The awful pitch of a human infant peel off in sound.  Even the echo of that thought was hard enough to bear.  ‘there are more woeful and painful things about humans.  Childbirth, maturity, age and singing.’ 


The last bit was misheard and understood by most around the table.  They thought he meant sting.  Kap also wondered how singing would harass the alien forces.  Then he remembered some bad tunes like Mr Blobby.  He grimaced to himself, that could obliterate the whole Scaronite race.  Even Kaptin Komma was not that evil.


* * *






Kaptin Komma left the debating a bit with Drib.  Then interceded with some pictures and sounds from a recording device on his pouch, that was part of his shell.  Firstly he displayed a human female giving birth to a child in a pool of water.  At first it was deemed interesting to the scaremongers.  Then came the woman screaming with the pain.  The generals responded smiling at first, then two of them puked on their prepared light meals of dried Slug worms of Dredalo, a tasty crispy morsel that was turned into a disgusting mess, with vomit. 


Next on show was the changing years of a human teenager.  The Scaronites loved the piercing, the binge drinking and the partying.  But it included the nightclubbing.  The rave music with its pounding sent waves of thumping throughout the tiny Scaronite minds.  It gave General Kanta a nasty headache too.


The sight of human aging was more hideous then watching them being horribly tested upon by the aliens scientist showdown.  Or ASS. 


Finally came the singing.  Kap found little data on this.  Yet the sight and mentality of Jedwood and Mr Blobby was enough to make the seated Scary Knights to faint and slump in their seats.  Even the wise old Sage, banged his head on the woken wood meeting table.  He had had enough this torture.  The thought of leaving Earth for good, seemed a good idea at that moment. 


Sage of Spores gladly handed a parchment from his big old book to Kap to sign.  He explained the leasehold of the planet Earth, to be halted for the time being.  At least for a millennium.  Aliens would use the Moon for a car park only.  There was one final clause in the legal law.  That no human could leave Earth or invade another world in the said time.  They would have to be watched.  But only from a hidden satellite beyond the Moon.




The form was signed.  The glimmer of the ring on hand of Kaptin Komma, that was a gift from their god, that was used to punch the page and seal the agreement.  This was enough for Sage of Spores to declared to all Scaronites that the Earth was forbidden, except in emergencies.  At that, Drib jabbed Kap on the shoulder.  ‘See ya pal, that’s me outta here.  I helped you.  So now I am off.’


The former human told the last ex-human, ‘take care Drib.  Do not forget why you are here.  Your sins are yet to be forgiven.  Even though we are now mighty, we all must pay for our lives, to the almighty whoever that may be.  Where will you go?’


The grey limbed alien smiled as they moved out of the meeting room.  ‘Anywhere away from the goddamned Scaronites.  We might be one of them, but they are not human.  There must be human like beings with babes for me to start over.  Come with me, Kap!’


The purple shell pulsated.  ‘Not right now, Drib.  I have to watch over here for some time.  Maybe when I believe it to be safer.  Then I may try to find you.  Good look, Drib.’


The pair stood in the flight bay.  Brad got in his orb and ascended.  Flashing green at his comrade.  The light faded into the depths of space.  Kap saw it race over and beyond the blue Earth.  Gone and forgotten for the time being. 




The crew of Sero buzzed around as usual.  They were preparing to leave the solar system, for a new one to invade.  A small robotic base with resident of ten Scaronites, was set upon the dark side of the Moon.  General Kanta was met and stood by Kap Komma.  ‘Well, what next? You got what you wanted?  Want to do some more fighting?’


The alien man looked at the triangular face, ‘I will remain here, thanks, General.  I do not quite trust all the Scaronites.  I know that some can lie.  And some are renegades that do evil alone.’  Kap moved to shake hands with the General.  The head man backed off a little, Kap was bemused and asked why.


‘Don’t you understand yet, Kap.  You! Are the renegade.  You are the evil one.  No one else has stood up to the Scaronites before and won.  You are the most wicked alien that I have ever met.’ 


In that moment, Kap could hear the beeps of the monitors on the flight deck.  The voices spiralled around his head.  He stared hard at the main screen.  Down at the planet Earth.  Its blueness captivated him.  He forgot that he was a Scaronite.  Remembered that he was part human.  And just wondered if they would remember him.  Kaptin Komma, the alien that saved Mankind.


* * *





Some six months later.  A man sat in his home with his girlfriend.  They sat holding hands.  Both staring at the glowing electric lamp, beside the television.  The man and woman wondered about paying the next electricity bill.  Nothing seemed to happen in that nothingness moment.  Yet they were more contented than one might deem.


The man flicked on the television.  It beamed live in the new fangled horror-vision.  NASA had been declared bankrupt.  No more rockets would send satellites into the orbit.  It did not concern the young couple or most of humanity.  Besides tower masts on mountain tops around the world, was enough to allow global transmission. 


The fearless humans watched the violent movies and news of fighting excited the continents.  The nameless boy and girl looked through the window, up at the clear purple sky.  Yet not one of them thought of how the subtle changes had come to pass, over the past few months.  Mankind were oblivious of the alien that had saved the world.  The most evil alien man, Kaptin Komma.




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