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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1: Skeptical and Intrigue

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Gunma, 1994

“HEY! SAKAI!” My friend Shuzo slammed my back as I jumped as I spilled my drink. “Ah come on Shuzo! Now I have to clean that up!” I yell as he smiles as he knows I hate when people slap me on the back. I walk into the bathroom and wipe off any drink that I can. “So I hear in english today we are writing short stories. You in?” He asked me as I stop and remember 1988 when my mom died of overwork. “No. I vowed never to write” I say as Shuzo looked at me and said “But you like reading, but not writing. What gives man. Hey is it true your mom is Sayaka Hoshino! The goddess who wrote the Awaking Trilogy and the Terror Duology and so many stand alones such as ‘Estu’s Adventure’ and the best stand alone ‘Journey Through Hell’ which is one of my favorites. Is it true you wrote the final moments of ‘The Last Fight’ the final book in the Awaking series?” He asked me as I nod. “No shit man, you have writing blood in you. Why don’t you put that to work” He said as I said “I ALREADY SAID NOOOOOO!” I yell as the mirror breaks as I look at him.

In class my teacher placed a project on make a short story and share it to the class. This bugged me so much because I always do my homework. I hesitated as I remember my vow I made in 88. I am tapping my pencil on the desk as I am counterdicting if I should write or not write. I raise my hand “Sir, I shall be excuesed from the assigment please” I ask the teacher as everyone turn to me. “Why is that Mr Hoshino?” He asked me as I said “Becuase my mom died from writing and if I even write one page one paragraph I will die like she did” I said as Shuzo looked down as the teacher said. “Um, yes I will see. How bout a reading assigment. You will read To Kill a Mockingbird by next week, full summary!” He said as I nodded as I have the book at home. 

Then the assigment started. People walked to the computer lab as I hear the sound of typing and clacking of keyboards. My legs started to shake as I sweat with itching. I want to write but I shall not! Then I look over at my neighbor’s page as I read a little. 

Luna looked at Mikage’s eyes as he stopped in the air. Luna looked down at the ground as Mikage was looking from the roof. “Luna” Mikage said

“Yes?” Luna said

“I love you” He said

“You mean it?” She said as she was blushing as Mikage turned and looked at her “Yes, I do” He said as they bonded as their lips locked. They kissed for quite a while as the sun was setting.

Holy shit, that sounds like what I wrote at the end of my mom’s story. I seen some people so glued to writing it’s like they don’t know they are there. I seen my computer screen on the home screen as I seen Microsoft Word’s icon right there. I hesitated a bit then my hand slowly moved to the mouse as I clicked open the program and a blank white page popped up. The blinking curser was itching to write. 

I looked at the keyboard as my index finger pressed 1. A genetically number popped up on the screen as I said “What the hell” I said as I began writing. As soon as I know it I am speed writing.

The building shook as Sato was running to save Minori, but Minori was already out the window as Sato was getting angry. He seen the world in ruins as a large black sphere was sucking everything in. “What the hell” He said as he seen Minori holding onto a ledge as people and cars started to crash into one another and kill people. “Minori!” He yelled as he pushed his hand to Minori as Minori tried to reach but her arms arn’t long enough. “Shit” She said as she fell! Sato reacted, he jumped from the window as he was now freefalling.

Minori was falling so fast that they were almost to the ground. Sato was now stomach first as Minori held her arms out. Sato was now beaver diving as they held each other. They were close to death, but they….

“Okay class, time is up” The teacher said as I looked up as I looked at my computer as three pages were already written. Good pages as well. I was in utter shock as I was sweating. The neighbor looked at me as she looked conserned “Sakai?” She asked as I smiled. “Shit. I guess I am a writer now” I said.


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