Close Yet Beyond My Reach

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a girl i met at the hospital. she is so mysterious. i dont know why but i m interested.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



She stares back once. She look lonely but at the same time beautiful. I gave her a report paper of a patient that I can see what is the problem. She took it with surprise. She ran to a corner of the hospital and said something to a person. But then she came out with a espression of dissapointments.

That look have stayed in my mind.

Then, she has been coming to the hospitals quite often. Whenever she saw a patient frowning because of the payments that he had to settle. She took out a credit card and hand it to the cashier. Everytime. Is she that rich? Well, that isnt the question I'd like to ask. She is young, I guess she is still in her teen. At the end of the day, she walk out from the hospital gate she will walk towards a hotel opposite of the hospital. Grand Revanala Hotel. 7 stars with extremely expensive costs for a night.

One day, she came up to me.

Not exactly came up to me.

She was crying and then she saw me coming , she hugged me .

I was shocked but then I hugged her tightly, slowly pat her head. Maybe for a bit, I can give her comfort.

She calm down. Without saying anything, she bow down to me and leave.

I was about to ask for her name though.

One day, I was at the counter , finding for a information. And then I saw her waiting for the elevator.

I saw a woman holding her head while looking at a bill.

I look at her, yes, she opened her purse and took out a yellow coloured credit card and put it on the table.

For the first time, I step forward and took the credit card and said:

"Let me do it ,this time."

I took out my wallet and hand a credit card to the cashier.

The woman look at me with eyes of grateful. She thanked me .

In her eyes , I saw joy.

It is what she sees everytime she helped someone?

I look at the credit card that is on my hand. It was hers.

It was written here.

Golden Royal.

Lady Iris Cristallia Assyria Mendes.

So in her blood have royalty flowing.

It was an unlimited card.

She just leave it here?

So her name was Iris? Nice name though. Suits her.

After my shift, I walk towards the hotel.

When I wanted to ask the receptionist for the name, Iris Crystallia Mendes Assyria Mendes, I saw her sitting at the hotel restaurant and reading a book.

I walk closer and I saw the book title.

{ Vampire to Mortal.}

My first thought was, fiction?

But then, I look at her, her face was calm. Even though the hotel was quite fill with different kind of noises, she doesnt seems to be disturb. Her coffee was still warm as I can see light steam on it.

At the end I didnt gave the card by myself.

I hand it to the receptionist .

The receptionist look at the card and look me with surprise. I wanted to ask for a reason, but I guess , that it was no needed.

And I know, that I and her will meet again.

Just as when we met for the first time.

At the hospital.

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