A birthday to remember

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Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Everything about Preston Greelish had been carefully manufactured to appear sophisticated, even his name was made up. His birth certificate identified him as Peter Green, but to him that was just too drab. He had reinvented himself as Preston Greelish; he had meticulously built an alternative identity for himself. The son of a coal miner had made good in life, not that he would have ever admitted to his humble beginnings. He had long ago severed all contacts with his dreary family, now he sat on the board of one of the most successful companies in the city. The one thing about his new life that disappointed him was his wife; he had only married her because her father owned the business. Maeve was a kindly woman and attentive wife, but he hated the sight of her.

Preston had always encouraged her to buy the most expensive clothes; after all it was her father’s money she was spending. However it was all in vain, no matter what she wore, she still looked frumpy and matronly. When she arrived downstairs dressed for the company ball, he took one look at her and felt sick. He would have dumped her years ago but for the fact it would finish his career, he also had to consider her inheritance, she was an only child and would inherit all her father’s wealth. Preston made no effort to conceal his disdain when she stood before him; the look of hurt in her eyes gave him some satisfaction. Of late he could not help himself, he would take every opportunity he could to demoralise her. Now as he looked at the expression of hurt on her face, the seeds of a plan took root in his mind.

Perhaps if he pressurised her enough she would crack, who knows she might even top herself. Later at the ball he began to put his plan into action, he flirted with every pretty woman he could. Everything Maeve said during the meal he ridiculed, he watched her wilt before his eyes. By the end of the night he could see she was close to tears, the plan just might work out for him. Even if she did not kill herself perhaps he could break her mind, either way he would end up controlling her inheritance. Maeve went straight to bed when they got home, later instead of joining her, Preston went to one of the guest bedrooms. He really was starting to enjoy his new game, slowly but surely he would turn up the pressure until she cracked.

Over the next few months he began to toy with her mind, he constantly compared her frumpy body to the glamorous wives of the other executives. He was relentless in his efforts, why can’t you have firm breasts like her, your legs are not long and slender like hers. That woman is much prettier than you; your butt should be pert like hers. The more he went on, the more withdrawn she became, he could tell she would not last much longer. Preston Greelish was hell bent on yet another reinvention, a grieving widower or at the very least a man burdened with an insane wife. Once he achieved his goal, he would have everything he had ever wished for. He might even have all those women he constantly tormented her about, with a bit of luck she would crack shortly, maybe even in time for his birthday. What a present that would be, her dead or insane would make it a birthday to remember.

The morning of his birthday, Preston woke to an empty house. Maeve was nowhere to be found and she had not left a gift for him, in all their years together it was the first time she had forgotten his birthday. A feeling of utter elation spread through him, she must be losing it he thought with a grin. Later that evening he returned home to a strange sight, a trail of paper signs with arrows directing him towards the back hallway. She really was losing her mind, Preston followed the arrows through the house and down into the basement. A happy birthday balloon was fixed to the stout timber door of the basement, so she had remembered. Angry now he entered the dark basement, as he fumbled for the light switch the door slammed behind him and he heard the lock engage. A sense of panic was rising in him now, as he frantically searched for the light switch.

Preston could hear his heart pounding now like a bass drum in his head, that stupid bitch had snapped altogether. He was finding it hard to breathe in the cloying claustrophobic darkness of the basement. He screamed out her name and heard her giggle from the other side of the locked door, then the crazy bitch began to sing happy birthday in a high pitched voice. Preston’s fumbling fingers finally found the light switch, the basement flooded with light as he turned around. It took him quite a while to figure out what was beneath the big happy birthday banner, when he did finally figure it out he began to scream. Preston could not drag his eyes away from the pile of women’s body parts; there was a head, legs, breasts and even a woman’s behind. Preston continued to scream until his mind finally snapped, and then he laughed softly to himself as the insanity completely took over.


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