A World

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A world of dreams, becomes a world filled with nightmare's.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



There was a time, when I used to sit, stare at the ground and get lost somewhere inside my head. I dreamt of all possibilities, the possibilities you only wish you could make, or any dreamer would. Living in a made up universe you wish was true, the place you would only find your true happiness. I was once there, the world I made up, the one I only wished I had lived in. It's not what you think, you find yourself happy when you are there, as I did. Walking through the vast plains, through the rocky mountains and in the whistling forests. You go deeper and deeper until you are lost, you start getting an eerie feeling as you walk on into the distance. You feel as if something is following you, watching your every move. Your happiness starts falling away and fear creeps in. Alone, lost and scared and not knowing what is happening, you start realising your dreams are becoming nightmares. The nightmares you you had before in your head, the ones you wished would never come true. The world that you created starts turning against you.

The vast plains become a devoid of significance, the rocky maintains starts crawling over you and the sounds of the whistling forests becomes a piercing cry. When your world comes crashing down, you develop an empty void within and cry out for help, but no one is listening. Minutes begin to feel like hours, days like years and years like decades upon decades. You have no soul, you have giving it up, you have let fear come in and take control. You have become fear itself, you gave fear power by being a part of it. You thought it was the only way, but it isn't.

A perfect world cannot be imagined by an imperfect mind. Imperfections find a way in when you are blinded by perfection, or really, your perception of perfection.

You find yourself back in your home, back to your life on earth and realise it was just a nightmare, or did it actually happen? I will never know for myself and maybe it's best that way. So my advice is to perfect the mind before entering a world perceived as perfect, after all, the mind might be the world.

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