He Survived, At Least For A While

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Construction worker is almost killed by a nuclear bomb. An earlier version of this story was posted on a now, defunct writer's site.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



An earlier version was previously published on a defunct writer's site.

Initial Survivor

J.Todd Miles 

Carlo was working in a trench installing a 10 inch sewer main. Progress, that day, had been slow and he knew that Bill, the foreman, was quietly upset. When Carlo's cell phone rang, he ignored it. The base was set for a new length of pipe, and Bill passed it into the trench, Carlo lubed the end and shoved it into the previous pipe. He was adjusting the pipe to line and grade, as Bill stood by to guide the machine which would place crushed stone around the pipe. Suddenly, there was a bright flash, far brighter than he had ever seen, even in the bottom of the trench. Carlo had spent a few yeasrs in the Army, had seen the training films, and knew what it was. "Get in the trench!!", he yelled, but Bill and the man on the digging machine looked around in surprise, rather than acting.. "It's an atom bomb!! Get in the hole", yelled Carlo. Just as the men started to move, a horrible, hot wind, that they barely felt, hit the men, but Carlo didn't see it.  He was crouched in the bottom of the trench, holding his hard hat to his head.


The noise and the wind, even in the bottom of a twelve foot deep trench, was more than Carlo could stand. He expected to die, and thought to himself that the dead men who had taken the full effect of the blast were the lucky ones. It may have been a minute or two, or even an hour, but the wind and noise lasted for a horrible, long time. When it finally stopped, Carlo picked up his water bottle, and scrambled out of the trench. He noted that the yellow, Cat, digging machine was mangled and partly pushed into the trench. He realized that the  30 ton digger could have landed on him. He was not surprised when his cell phone didn't work, and that no living thing was in sight, There were a few stumps of broken trees,  bare foundations, and fires were everywhere. He saw a burning hulk of a car, and wondered if it was his, or another that the blast had blown in. He remembered that there was a National Guard base, a couple of miles away, in a direction away from the blast. That would be his initial destination. He started to walk. 

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