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Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017






The first time you saw her bare back you flipped her over sweaty and noticed that her clit kind of looked like pinto bean. You laughed at yourself and almost told her in the heat, but you bit your tongue before you were about to be a stupid guy. Hell you think, stupid is kinky once in awhile:


“ya know the top of your pussy kind of looks like a bean”




“your clit….it looks like a pinto bean!”




“k just keep going, don’t stop unless your dick snaps”


“K haha, you want it tonight huh”




Why didn’t he turn the light off? Its 3 feet to his left on that stupid black table, but he’s so in-zone, he didn’t want to get out of sync. She usually likes the lights off. Part of him hates that: he wants to see what he’s touching, imagination can only be turned on for so long, lights are needed, he thought. Tonight was a little different: she wasn’t crying over the fact that the light had been left on. She doesn’t want to get out of sync either. Lucky him.


That clit was about the size of a grape, he swore to himself, “Fuck that’s swollen”.


He made sure to democratically wet his fingers before he rubbed as to not give her road burn.


His hands looked and felt like he had dipped them in a soapy hot full sink, primed for dirty dishes


“You don’t even know how good you smell right now, all that sweat and juicy creamy juice is giving me a brick”. “Fuck”.


“Hear me?’




“Hah, good”


He was very hungry and tired but he could tell she wasn’t letting up for a bit. Better finish the rodeo then eat like a sinner.


“You knock me out baby”, rolling off of her with his dick parallel with the lamp to his left on that black cute cheap table. Saluting the ceiling.





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