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Meet the pride of India and it's tourism-The Taj Mahal and a brief history of it!

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Enthroned beside the crystal waters of river Yamuna,

stands the historical memoir of Badshah Shah Jahan.

Before which, even the most heart-touching architectures fail,

is one of the new wonders of the world, ' Taj Mahal'.


Tracing it's provenance back to the mughal era,

when Shah Jahan, decided to build a tomb for his beloved Mumtaz in Agra,

and the architect was called upon, for the finest designs to be made,

and the artisans were welcomed to engrave the loveliest carvings on marble plates.


So, the great building's constructions began with a thundrous ceremony,

the labourers and engineers worked day and night for 22 years in mere harmony.

Soon enough, the final day approached for the grand feat to be inaugrated,

but alas! Something happened that every citizen had feared and fretted.


The labourers' four fingers were cut, except the thumb,

the architect beheaded and the engineers lost their thumbs.

All this, Shah Jahan personally perused and programmed for a reason,

the reason being that no one else would be able to duplicate this heavenly memorandum.


Built with a collection of royal marbles so unique,

the design of Taj Mahal excludes even a single brick.

The four pillars stand such that, during a violent shake they fall outwards.

The dome designed in a spiral so accurate to allow annually exactly one drop of water through it downwards.


The marble is so preciously dazzling and white,

that to describe it, my brain lacks words to write.

During sunset, it looks like a paradise washed in blood,

during full moon, it looks alike a castle dipped in milky flood.


With a staggering history and an adorable design,

the Taj Mahal stands to this day with a royal pride, so fine.








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