A Wonderful Day

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taken from my book, "Must You Find Out?"

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



A Wonderful Day


For a minute, I could have sworn

__that I can feel my brain

____think it's thoughts

In a wild crazy world

Where nobody belongs

I'm ran over by a steam roller

__day to day

And with every step

__that I can't seem to make

____I make no attempt to escape reality

What can a fantasy do

__but be unreal anyway?

I starve for the worms

I really do

But what makes you think I could kill you?

I'd rather piss on your brain

__with you alive

____so your thoughts could drown

But if you love me

__let's give it a go

I can kill you

And fuck you afterwards

In light of all that's cheesy

I don't know what's the truth yet

Do you want me to kill you?

Is that what this is?

I really do want you dead

The pouring of your blood down the sink

__sounds neat

I guess popcorn is supposed to make me laugh

But it's not funny

It's just fun to have my way with you

Like I always do

In a number of occasions

__the butter tarts

____have all but left the coast

And for the rest of the truth

You'll have to dig it out of my chest

I fear a woman like you

I really do

What your thoughts are about

I can never imagine

But the bell of the ball

__doesn't ring down the hall

Not where you're gonna be

When you hang lifeless

For my lovely affair with your body

The one that pleases me

Like how you can fool a C.A.T. scanner

__into thinking you are sane

Let me possess such a mastermind, myself

So that thee authorities

__won't suspect anything of me

I do love a good giggle

So tell me something "funny"

Something "hilarious!"

Something "grand"

If it's alright with you

I think I'll just hang you out in the sun

__to dry

____after you die

Maybe I'll chuckle myself into a comfy nap

Then wake up and chop off your ass

As well as your head

But I'll leave your tits

I like the way they hang

Lifeless and beautiful

Succulent and pure

Unlike your dirty mouth

That has taken

__far more than it's share

____of rounds

Of course you do know

__I'm joking


I wouldn't fuck you

__if my life depended on it

My, what a wonderful rain we're having

And all the dead bitches getting wet

I love how my life is

Great things are going to happen today

I just know it


04-24-'17 #1

D. L. Cannon

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