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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: House of Ghosts
*siobaan is pronounced see-yo- bon

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Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Crimson : Then this seals the deal. By morning our planets will be combined. You and me , siobaan allll of these planets will be ours and then we can work on other galaxies everywhere we'll become what we've always dreamed of.
Siobaan: I'm so proud of you. I knew you'd be able to. But we have one problem that one planet that isn't ours. We have to make her give it to us. Even if it is in shambles
Crimson: she'll compromise. Maybe we can cut a deal with her?
Siobaan: no no I only see negative things happening if she's involved. its always been that way. And I think I'm ready to separate us from her. We've done enough for her when her father relocated…. All the trouble she causes…sigh  We don't Have to care for her anymore we're all adults now. Just please get her planet or this will all be for nothing.
Crimson: you may be making far more of this then necessary. Candaliah is troubled. She just has noone really ..the way we do. Everywhere we look we have family but…
Siobaan: your always making excuses for her, i can't help but wonder sometimes haha that maybe you've grown a soft spot for her?
Crimson: oh please that's just ridiculous. You know I 
Love you . 
(He kisses her cheek )
Bitter jealousy spews from candaliahs vessel's.
Since when has candaliah caused anyone trouble?!
Preposterous accusations
Why can't crimson just understand that he belongs with her?
Siobaan is in the way. 
She always has been since the day candaliah was transferred to there realm. Unannounced unsure of direction or really what her purpose was here.
All she knew was the silver moon had led her to open a portal and sent her a telepathic message of her new responsibility.(basically she's to watch this planet so then silver moon doesn't lose ownership due to abandonment of his planet)
That day Candliah came rolling through the portal the first person she laid her purple eyes on was  Crimson, a taller intense looking character a tad older then her when she first arrived maybe he'd be fifteen if she was twelve
 ( about three years older then candaliah) and she new in that moment them two together could be great things.
Crimson has a strong personality. One meant to lead. 
He greeted her as if she wasn't a alien who just popped in. He included her in things he did. They were friends good friends even. He taught her lots of things about how the planets work, space portals. He helped her understand her own strengths. They'd experiment with portals for fun. Until siobaan popped in the picture. She was always around but now she was hanging around them as his romantic interest. They'd kiss and flirt in front of her.  Poor crimson stuck with this vile girl.
Throughout the years siobaan and crimson grew together and became stronger as planet owners. Siobaan had three and crimson had 7. Shed over heard numerous times from others  how Crimson should seal the deal and marry siobaan so they could own the galaxy together.
why does nobody care about her planet.
Well to be fair she doesn't really care about it either. But it  still shouldn't go unnoticed..
Now just candaliah siobaan are alone together.
Candaliah: so in a few more hours you'll be the official owner of 10 planets you must be thriiiiiiilled.
Siobaan: why are you acting like you care? Crimson isn't around you can cut the schoolgirl act. Crimson may not notice the way you light up when he's around but I do. 
Candaliah: your right siobaan i don't care one bit about you. You don't deserve a man like crimson. Now if you'll excuse me….
Candaliah has a plan.
She opens a small portal as if she's leaving. As she steps into this small portal one opens right behind siobaan. Candaliah yanks the necklace and throws it straight through another loooooong portal leading straight to her so called savage planet.
This portal has a time difference of two years. So if you enter it two years will pass but it will only feel
Like  few days
the portal closes.
What had she just done.
Candaliah panics for a quick second
 She can't bring her back 
she could never reopen it on her own 
takes way to much thinking.
How will she explain this to crimson?
Shell have to. 
He'll wonder.
She could say she fell.?
All she needs is a valid excuse. 
She won't be back 
even if she did it'd be two years later…or four years
 Crimson would be to in love with candaliah 
to go back to her anyway.
*every planet owner has a egg like orb that must be with them at all times. It blinks and changes color depending on whats going on on your planet.
Candaliah specializes in portals she opens new ones/closes them.
She makes a mess out of it for fun.
 but her job is actually quite valuable to the beings in her time space. Its valuable because if you can open portals to other galaxies to potential ownership of those plantets. 
Owning everything makes you immortal/infinite 
 who wouldn't want that.
Only problem is it takes a lot of thinking a lot of planning and  patience she just doesn't have.
Foot steps
Crimson: Siobaan I wanted to ask you somet….. Oh candaliah hi, have you seen Siobaan I could've sworn she was just here a few minutes ago.
Candaliah: [panic think] I…i haven't seen her. I just got here moments ago.
Crimson: oh.. 
Candaliah: if I see her I'll let her know your looking for her.

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