Blood Sham Scam

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts
So Kimora is this guys name. ( find kimora design or what i have so far on my Instagram as well)
He steals the souls of others and drains them as he gains all the knowledge and power for them.
As he drains them he can see everything this person has been through. Like a little book. (:

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



I once drained a soul that revealed secrets of a souls power through blood.
This idea could never be since our
Blood and soul are not in the same realm.
But here everyone believed it or needed to believe it.
The dying would drink this soul power infused blood and feel better completely a new. 
I studied this souls journey for days 
Leading back to where he purchased this 
Magic blood.
He has entered a town plastered in fine gold buildings encrusted with black lace like textures
Extravagant looking 
Defiantly lead by a man of wealth
A man of good taste.
Everyone is dressed well 
Even the poor were dressed decent enough.
We're standing in a line 
That leads to..
It leads to a arena
Not a huge one 
But it made up for its size by being puree gold
There's a women 
Collecting jewels from every patron as they head up the stairway.
Fuck this line takes forever.
It's finally my turn
I hand the women three Sapphires
She smiles and waves me up the stair's
At the top there are several men hustling back and fourth handing beaker sized glasses to gallons of a blood like substance.
A man hands me a beaker sized glass
Hm I guess that's the equivalent to three sapphires.
Who is the ring leader of this nonsense.
And how on earth are people dumb enough to buy this shit.
Soul power in blood this has to be the biggest sham ever.
That was all I truly cared about in that souls story.
He was robbed shortly after for his blood beaker and died.
I do no I must visit this place and see what the big deal is all about.

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