The Battle Between Good And Evil

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A description of the coming battle between good and evil.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



The past week has been very peculiar. I have started to merge more with the collective consciousness. And I have started to see patterns in current and past culture that have made me much more firm in my self-belief.

What are these patterns?

Patterns of depence on external influences. A lack of education in things not obvious to the average mind. Contradictions within the mind leading to all sorts of peculiar behaviours. It is like a void, an empty void, as if life had been sucked out of the soul.

This kind of philosophy led me to Satan in the past. Satan as the great liberator, Satan as the all-knowing force directing the ways of man. But as Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe pointed out in his masterpiece play "Faust" two hundred years ago Satan do not necessary lead one to liberation. Satan as the loving rebel tired of the ways and doing of man. Pulling man into a deadly trap. Leading to suffering and death. This can lead many people to God. The god of the bible or some other god by human imagination. But this Satan described by thinkers like Goethe and myself is not evil at all. Satan understands the fall of man. The man destroyed by the vicious consciousness of man in power and his own intellect. This Satan is not like the Satan described in the bible. In fact the opposite is true. God is evil and Satan is good. Satan as the great liberator, liberating man from his erroneous ways. Ending in death. God is the complete opposite. Hating man to extend his life to make him suffer in a shallow paradise.

Of course Satan and God are human inventions. It is modes of consciousness existing within the universal mind. Possibilities that can be explored for anyone with a hint of madness and great courage. And sometimes these investigations can lead to a surreal form of enlightenment.

Man are caught in a vicious circle without much of an escape. The totalitarian regimes of the world powers now assuming the lie of democracy. Of modern capitalism, of human rights. In a sense I can feel the empathy of Satan. The dark liberator leaving man no hope but to end life. End the corruption. The deceiving powers of the intellect. Of false love and tormented ambition.

I became Satan in the past. I understand the mind of man's fallen liberator. The one ending conformity. Ending false relations. Modern business. Just chewing on the scum of dead people. A fallen system creating its own perpetuation for no reason but to impose corrupt laws upon a stupid population. Believing in anything or having no values at all.

I have no single solutions to all these problems. I talk about anarchy and the resurrection of old heroes. But the average man is something that seldom can be reached. I watch the world coming closer to it's final annihilation. Or the perpetuation of wrong powers. And the worse it gets the more people assume the perspectives of these powers. As if the wish came from man himself/herself.

What we really are facing is the end battle between good and evil. It is the battle between the enlightened mind and the ones believing in false love for no reason but to accomplish, to be something more than himself/herself.

I turned my values around in south east asia and I still hold on to my darkness. In fact, time has revealed the wisdom of darkness and the shallowness of light.

There are a lot of questions but these questions are quite shallow and don't lead to true progress. What it is all about is that real men believe in themselves. In their inborn darkness, in their own inventions, in their own laws. In their own passions, their own feelings, actions and thinking. Their own right to dominate in chosen contexts. Their own right to decide their own future. It is all about the evil heart. About the ego. But it is an evil that actually will be revealed as the greatest good.

I'm an creator. I chose my profession in an act of self-preservation. I was Satan. But the problem of Satan is that Satan served mankind opposing god and led humanity in the wrong direction. God must fall but so must all human deceptions.

The occult reality is not the reality described by New Age gurus or the ones in control of the organized religions. This grid of human spirituality is controlled by enlightened masters that want the good but do otherwise. They do evil in the name of progress. It is simply a truth I had to confront myself.

There are differences, deviations, many details and layers. But in the end the war is the war of the heart, not the mind. That darkness is the way to the light and light the way to the dark.

Why is this so?

Because darkness is the foundation of reality. Turning away from the dark is turning away from reality as it is within. And this split of heart and mind do not lead to progress.

Many values have to be twisted and turned around. But these are details and not very important. The important thing is the darkness within. The ego. The driving power altering perception and leading to dark enlightenment. Going beyond the shallow illusions created by false love. Love is selfishness. Love is human nature.

Unselfishness is created by the false god Jehovah. Christianity is a symtom of this decieving god's occult powers. And this false love of unselfishness have destroyed spiritual movements. Infecting occultism. Infecting the human mind with all kinds of shallow illusions.

Leading to a hollow paradise.

So what I saw by study of current culture and human history is that this war between good and evil always have been played out. It is going on all the time but it is getting more obvious as time moves on. The world wars arose due to this continuous war. The war between the dark thinkers and the ones on the other side. In philosophy, in art, in science. In politics.

One has to choose side. Choose oneself and take control of one's own destiny or chose the way of conformity. Repressing true love and leaving one's mind open to attacks from the controllers of this grid of slavery. It is a free choice. A choice between getting killed and being pulled into a nightmare of endless torment or chose the path of personal indulgence. Indulgence into personal happiness and true passion. A choice between false emotions or a being of another kind.

It is going beyond the physical into the occult reality where man will become something more than a man and the gods of the past will be revealed as products of human imagination.

How can this reality be?

It is all about the natural evolution of the occult universe. About chance and natural selection. But it is happening on a massive scale beyond the construct of the physical dimension.

Unselfish love is an illusion. It is created by errors commited by the human intellect in the past.

And the way to the enlightened mind starts with the will. The ego directing the individual towards enlightenment. But this ego is not the ego construct of ordinary man. It is an erotic drive of darkness and power transcending the world and ending in glory.

It is the battle of gods and men. Leading to a nihilistic observation of darkness. Leading further to illusions. The inversion of human truths. True darkness is a total transfiguration of values. Described by thinkers like Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Jung. Musicians like Beethoven, Dmitri Schostakovich and Hector Berlioz. Politicians like Napoleon, Julius Ceasar and Adolph Hitler.

And many more on the dark path.

Leading humanity to the final battle between good and evil.

And darkness will prevail.

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