All hail Bijoux

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Bijoux decides to save her town

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



Strong women aren't just born
We have to go through things
See things 
That make us act.
To think logically instead of emotionally.
To think of things a whole instead of as individual.
It's hard
But worth while.
The day of the explosion 
i had to make that decision.
Emotionally my heart wanted to chase after Haziel 
Ask him why?
I wanted to make sure he was okay.
He obviously knew this would would happen.
Was someone making him keep quiet?
He saved me though, 
ran me as far away from the explosion as he could.
He knew i was a slow runner and would never make it back. and as much as I wish to understand
And to believe this isnt his fault I can't because the facts 
 logically thinking
 Haziel was always in some trouble.
His visions made him make things up
Crazy things
Most of the time none of it made any sense.
He'd cry out to the town of the dangers that were on there way.
Safe houses were built, food was stored.
Months and months of food.
Everyone was starving in order to keep food saved for the dark times.
But the predicted date would pass and nothing happened.
We all hated him fore lying to us.
We all had to work extra hard to compensate for the times everyone quit work to hide. 
Haziel didn't care to apologize for his tales he told.
We've already suffered enough as a whole, as a town 
I can't give him the benefit of the doubt this time.
I must take my town out of the flames and bring it back to life.
I inhaled so much smoke.
Acidic toxic smoke 
But I didn't care I kept going
Searching for anyone alive
I threw building pieces all over the place
My vision was starting to get cloudy.
I made it to the spot my house should've been
But it too was covered in poison flames.
My parents were in there.
How could Haziel do this me.
I wanted to stop and crumble into the flames.
But I'd die full of questions and anger.
I kept searching
A familiar voice screams out
Darian: over here! There's kids!!
I have help, I can do this now. I remember thinking
I rushed over and grabbed as many children as I could.
By the end of my body search I managed to rescue 3 families and a few randoms.
Everyone looked so frightened by what just happened.
Everyone has just lost someone or everyone with no warning.
Including myself.
Nobody is sure who to lean on, 
I can see the big question waiting to be asked.
Before I know its me 
Asking outloud.
bijoux: I know you maybe wandering what is to happen now. How will we live?
We will be okay. Let me lead our town back to civilization.
Bitch crowd women: your only a kid how can you?!
Crowd: yeah boo your weak!!! (Crowd argues)
Bijoux is infuriated why are they doubting her she just saved them all.
Her eyes light up and she creates a stone cathedral out of the trees surrounding them. She can turn anything to stone with her eyes.
The crowd goes quiet. She can rebuild this piece of cake.
Bijoux: I am going recreate this place, if you doubt me I will turn you into stone understand!?
They quietly agree. 

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