How was the butterfly keeper born?

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Her name is Dimas.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



The wings flutter in a wholesome clutter.
Oranges and Yellows blended together with flecks of black.
 she can't seem to break the stare.
She's in a trance
 Caught in the luscious vibrancy of the wings.
The largest butterfly flirts around her dangerously sharp antlers.
Picking a perfect spot nestled right in between her eyes. 
She stare cross eyed at the bug
Huge glossy eyes 
Way to huge for the face.
Leaving her open for attack 
She's to distracted to notice the presence behind her. 
The butterfly isn't
It lifts from her nose.
The trance is over.
 In a instance a jolt of pain tingles across the top of her head.
Was she just hit in the head?
That hurt
Her eyes well up
 She turns her head.
But suddenly wishes she didn't
An evil being 
A demon?
He's pale in color 
His eyes have no life in them 
Pure Blackness's
Hatful expression.
Everything's getting blurry
She's blacking out.
When she awakes she feels groggy.
No recollection of what could've just happened 
She pats herself down.
No noticeable changes.
She takes a deep breath.
She slowly stands up
Ow her head
If it weren't for that damn butterfly
She would've been alert.
So easily distracted
She can't be the only one who gets distracted by pretty fluttery wings.
She can't be.
That memory every morning.
Curiosity got the best of her that day.
From that day on she'll stitch a new set butterfly wings into her captives who work as her slave and lure people into her leir to be robbed and viciously murdered.
think of how beautiful each wing is individually. 
So distracting when you look at the masterpiece 
So distractingly genius.

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