my sister

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this is a fictional story. this is a story of how my sister was murdered. the is love, hate, mystery, adventure, and murder. now finished.... 'my sister'

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017




 (This Is A Fictional Story)


My sister, I love her, but……… My sister, is dead. This is a story of how my sister, was murdered. Let’s go to the beginning, my sister was born on October 13, 2001 on Friday. You might think, “Wow! Friday the 13th always bad.” On her birthday on 2017 she was having a sleepover, but we will get back to that later. She was an elegant young lady.  On May 22, 2004 on a Wednesday I was born. I was a girl who, well I liked to play soccer, skateboard, I liked art, and lots of other stuff. Basicly I was the opposite of my sister, my sister was a girly girl, I was a tomboy. Also my sister’s name is Elizabeth, her nickname is Eliza her name and nickname is elegant and my name is, Alex, I don’t have a nickname though. I do like boys, I don’t want to be a boy I like being a girl. My sister, Eliza, I was always jealous of her. She looked beautiful in dresses, I just looked weird. When Eliza wasn’t home I would go in her room and put on her dresses and act like I was her. Okay let’s get to the sleepover.

My sister was having a sleepover with her friends. She had two of her friends there and four boys. The boys were hanging out with them not sleeping over. The two girls were named, Savannah, a redhead with lots of freckles, and Jessie, a blond head girl. My sister had blond hair and I had brownish, blackish hair. I got my dad’s hair color and my sister got my mom’s. Three of the boys were around my sister’s age and one of them had a little brother that was my age. At the time Eliza was 16 and I was 12. The older boys were named, James, a black haired guy, Noah, a dirty blond guy, and William, a brown haired guy. The youngest boy was Finn, a dirty blond boy with lots of freckles too, his brother was Noah. Finn came because his older brother, Noah, had to watch him. I joined the sleepover with my sister, and I didn’t know he was coming. Finn is the most popular boy in my school. My sister was dating Noah, Savannah was dating William, and Jessie was dating James.

It was around 10 O’clock, we were all home alone. We heard the door knob start to shake,  we new that our parents would be home about 12

O’clock. We didn’t care much thinking it was the wind, but then it stopped. Then we saw an arrow fly by. It had a piece of paper on it that said, “ I have come to kill your beloved Elizabeth, or Eliza, she is a danger to the world so I will protect everyone.” I froze in fear. Noah started talking,” Hey, maybe it is a joke? It can’t be real.” My sister just nodded, “  I hope it is a joke.” Right then another arrow came with another piece of paper, saying “ I will kill Eliza, don’t doubt it, and I almost hit her.” At that moment I knew what to do so I told everyone, “ Guys, this is obviously real, we need to get to the basement it is the only safe room, and I think the murderer is inside.” I pointed to a corner and there was a black figure. Everyone screamed and went in the basement.

Everyone made it safe and we called the police. We got some weapons and food and set up a base. No one was talking so I started to talk, “ Um.. so, when will we go out?” Everyone was quiet then my sister replied, “ When the person gets caught!” She said it in a mad voice. Then I got the chills. I went into the storage room to get more food, when I got in there I was as still as a mouse. There was a black figure sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. It looked like smoke, it didn’t look at me. Then it looked up, it was a well I don’t know it had a pale white face, glowing yellow eyes, and a creepy smile, then it said, “ Oh, is that you Eliza you need to die….” I ran and ran out of there. I got a weapon and told everyone what happened. We all went in the room, but… when we got back in it, it was gone. Then I heard Jessie scream. We all turned around and Jessie had a knife in her back. We all screamed and ran out of the basement. When we got out of the basement James was shot by an arrow. Then the rest of us ran to my room. My room was a big room, and I knew that the thing couldn’t get us, but weapons can. Then a bullet came in and killed Savannah and William. It was just me, Eliza, Noah, and Finn left.

We ran to the front door but we couldn’t get out. The door was locked. Then a piece of paper hit my face and took it off and I read it, it said “I wish I never had my sister, I wish I was the better one.” It was my handwriting, then I remembered. When I was 8 I wrote this letter, I was mad at my sister and how she was getting all the boys. I looked up at my sister and said, “You can’t escape….. This wish can not go away…..” My sister responded with, “What? What do you mean I can’t escape?” I was trembling. I responded with a scared voice, “You will die at 10:34….. I made this wish I….I am so sorry, please forgive me….. I’m sorry…” My sister smiled and said, “I know… I love you too. And I will always be there for you, goodbye.” Then she got shot by a waffle gun, wait never mind that was another script…… she got shot by an arrow that said my wish and, “The deed is done, goodbye.. Be Careful what you wish for, ‘cause it might come true.” I fell to my knees and hugged my dead sister.

Tears streamed down my face. Noah and Finn came over, “The police are almost here and we called the hospital.” I was so sad I didn’t was to say anything or move. Finn came over to me and said, “Um… are you ok?” I just sat there the I screamed, “NO I’M NOT!! MY SISTER IS DEAD WHAT DO YOU THINK????” He replied with, “Well, um I’m sorry..really..” I got so mad I just, “WELL SURE JUST LEAVE!!! I HATE YOU I HATE EVERYONE!!!!” Then the police came in and well, you know what happens.

Two years later on her birthday, I’m 14 now, I went to her grave with my friends and boyfriend, Cassie, Jane, and Finn. I could feel her presence around me, my sister. Then I left flowers with a note on it that read, “Hey sis, I still sorry, wish you were here with me. So how are you? My wish along time ago was stupid. Mom and dad are doing ok. I love you. I wish you neThat is the end of the story. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Also remember, be careful what you wish for it might just come true.


The End


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