What's it Worth

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If the opportunity to be given anything in the world. What would you do to get it?

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



There is a fine line between being just and doing dirt. Reality hits everyday just a few minutes into waking up in the mornings. I wish I had a wish to grant my own wishes because receiving them from someone else is always a catch with strings attached. Aside from all that I really want to touch on the fact that when you look beyond the skin and flesh we're all different from what I see. It used to amaze me, but more so as I go on with this distinct observation I can see through a lot of everything really. Most times out of amazement I notice the wild moments I once shared with others has gotten too routined that i questioned the very point of interactions between humans all over the world. Most of which is pointless and in more than one way a tragedy when playing back those same actions in the mind, and realizing that those actions are caused by stupidity. Like a battle between the sexes to see who can claim the most women. Treated like animals at birth and carried on to be slaves to a tyrant. Then to look around seeing the people that's tired. Maybe I'm alone or maybe it's just me, but when I look others they're hooked to the TV. Most people wait for time to pass, while executing some master plans. Hate seeing people become property and praise it from sunrise to sunset then in their dreams is probably the only time they're free.

The unbearable feelings of being more than I am. Strange dreams of floating around like a cloud. At times my body fades, and my vision is clearer. I close my eyes to get away from the terrors. I see perverts they're on TV and in the windows, I see murderers behind the glass giving prescriptions, I see stupidty in hash tags because it's trending, but yet that's not a good portion of it all. I can't sleep becuase the chaos makes my heart hurt. Seeing tears and shedding tears for my poor peers. Restless nights takes me to the mirror constantly checking to see who I really am? Because I'm obviously not human if I don't fit in with these stupid trends. I see bags of skins with just some eyes. The attitudes make me question the purpose of life itself at times. Now I focus on others instead of just myself becuase I ask myself what kind of person would I be to agree to even live in a world of destruction such as this one, but there it was the answer clear as day when I talked to forces greater helping me make the right choices to live a full life. I wouldn't let my brothers and sisters go through a struggle when the answers to the problems lies in my eyes, I chose to grow up here on Earth to help make a turn for the better. At the end of each day I know I'm not a human, I'm more than what they told me. For me to be able to fade out of my body and feel myself as pure energy, I would say that I was most likely on a mission.

Feelings became very numb to a lot of what used to concern me. I used to be a jealous mate with every intention set on protecting what's mine, but in the end I was just insecure showing the stupidity I once shared with non trustworthy people. I once laughed endlessly at comedy skits from "legends", but now I see they were just ridiculous people making an ass out of themselves and the situations they made fun of for fame. I observe people ready to commit suicide with nothing but a broken spirit left behind, partially it's their own faults. However, in reality the inconsiderate people they had around them were apart of the problem as they were not actually being supportive of that person, but only when it seemed to matter which was too late. They "help" a little for a spotlight in heaven, afterwards they're back to ignoring the one in need of love. A broken heart from anything serious hurts a person physically by causing chronic pain, the tendons may break from a surge of stress hormones. I see things done in what people call secrecy, but is really behind the back or closed doors like "yeah I seen the trick every time". A lot of people will automatically assume you're slow and try to pilot your ship and others around you for the simple fact they have no respect nor brains to realize I'm not the one to be fooled with now a days.

Seeing as though I really nothing to prove to others. I complete most of my accomplishments for myself because the choices I make are shaping me Into the man I am today. I chose to have some good friends I now call my brothers/sisters because that's what I want to do. I chose make time for my creativity because that's what I needed to do. I chose to mend broken connections between people I thought I would never talk to again because that's what I wanted to do. Go for self, forget everyone else's plans and ideas for you. Without a mind of your own we couldn't tell if you're really sincere about your actions and your word. Concider the time you plan on living here on Earth, factor in the time you have to make your dreams come true then really think about if you're truely comfortable with what you find.Take a few sheets of paper, write a quick poem of your current feelings, then use the last page to draw a picture of yourself undergoing a transformation. Keep it to yourself for admiration overtime, and continue to draw as each day brings about your transformation. You'll notice the pictures become clearer with a great sense of who you are which will bring about confidence when confronted by those who seek to control your life parent, friend, and teacher alike. Only you know who you really are meant to be in this society. You pave roads or smoothen them out.

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