Growing Up Mixed

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Just how I see things as I have gotten older...

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017





Zachary Koletsky

I am 15 and life is hard but it will only get worse from there.  It’s not easy growing up mixed, even in this day and age when racism is supposed to be diminished- oh no it is not!- My mom is black, my dad is white and most of my friends are white as well. Every time I go out with one of them and my dad I feel like I am the friend because everyone looking at us sees two white people and a black kid. Who looks like the friend? It’s not their fault that’s just how it is but inside it tears me apart. Why can’t I spend time with my dad and a friend and be my dads son? Why do I have to look out of place?

I was having dinner with my friend and his family the other day. I felt so out of place. They 100% accept me for who I am, it’s just I look around and see straight brown hair and then there’s my black, curly hair.

A few years ago I was asked,”what race do you feel more apart of?” Well my answer was simple. “I feel like myself, half white half black.” But now as I have gotten older I realize that it is not how “I” see myself it’s how others see me. And I know for a fact that when walking in the street or any store and someone sees me they think “BLACK” not mixed just “B.L.A.C.K, BLACK!” 

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