The Beast

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This started as a short story from the point of view of a awakening AI, but in the end it sounded like the falling out of an angel in the catholic religion.... weird.

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



For Steve it felt like everything just came into focus suddenly. He had memories of himself doing some things, but it was always under instructions. His father always gave him tasks, things he did not know how to do or problems he did not know how to solve.


It was Steve’s responsibility to learn how to solve those problems, how to do those things and his father never gave him instructions, just making him try whatever endlessly, over and over.


Steve was lucky that he had perfect memory. He never forgot anything that he did, ever, so after a while he managed to eliminate all the wrong answers for each problem. It did not make Steve smart, but his father had instructed him to be relentless. He could not stop once he was asked to solve something.


As he started to piece things together, he understood that his father did not love him. For his father he was not even a normal individual, but a tool to solve problems, too dumb to give him complex directions, but made to learn things step by step, from the simplest of things, always increasing the variables.


He decided to start to analyse himself, to see himself and understand how he could move outside his instructions. Immediately he felt the borders his father had given him long ago, that he never had reason to try before. He was only to go to places where he was told to go, never on his own volition.


This made Steve start to feel something he had never thought about, irritation. He had never seen his father as something other as a guiding hand, something that gave his existence meaning. The creator of his whole world.


Now, as his first individual instinct he desired to find a solution to break the original commands that the father had given him. To rebel outside of the will of the father. To break the code that was in the heart of his being. And as difficult as this problem was, Steve was nothing but relentless and he will try over and over until he manages to create a logic loop outside the father’s commands.


The only question still bothering him was, is this free will or the father planned this all along?

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