Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life...

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
One man. One mission. To get to his date. How will he ever succeed?

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017





A tale of true woe, of one 'John Doe', as he struggles to find his way to his beloved one.


Sing, o Muse, of the unfortunate fate

of this man, who was quite late for a date

with the fairest lady in all the land

though late he was, held his toothbrush in hand

and the paste was there in the other one

for he did know all too well that none

should come to a date, smelling like he ate

of garlic a plate, or of cheese a whole crate!

This brushing of teeth took him not too long,

counting his delay up to 4 minutes strong.

So, slightly retarded, but smelling clean

he rushed out the house, for on-route caffeine.

'If I hurry', thought he, 'I might be on time

and the lady will still deem me sublime!'

But once again was there a grand detain:

a queue for the coffee! So it was plain

to see that this man should cunningly try

to sneak to the front of the line; his eye

begun to spy for a small open space

like a hawk hunting prey, he pryed the place.

But not as much as one opening found

and not a person to help him around!

He lifted his head to the skies in despair

and cried 'Oh Jupiter! This is not fair!'

But Jupiter too was busy, for he

was running late also, 'twas time for tea

with his wife, and should he not make it there

it would probably end their love affair.

There was, however, one thing he could do;

he had of late created beings who

might give one wings, like on Mercury's shoe,

and take one instantly, as far as Timbuktu!

Tauri rosii the beings were named,

descendants of the fierce Minotaur, tamed

and bred by Jupiter himself, so that

they might save anyone with a tire flat,

or one suffering any other form

of delay, like being stuck in a storm!

So down was sent one of those deities,

to help with the irregularities

of traffic, public transport and the like

which would make anyone wish they'd taken a hike

in stead of step into this horrid bus

in which our hero was currently. Thus

this tale of woe continues with the man

stuck in a bus - behind a blue sedan,

which again was in line for a red light

so far away, it was hardly in sight! -

FIFTEEN minutes late, decided; 'I'll walk

the final part of my journey, and talk,

perhaps, to this lady, and make her see

that terrible hardship came over me...'

So now he was running, fast as he could,

but alas! Construction work in his route!

Now a detour he required to take

and fear struck his heart, for he'd never make

it now! But suddenly, help appeared in

the form of the being sent, and a grin

appeared on the man's face, for what he saw;

a red bull, with wings, and all were in awe!

'I am Tauris roseus', said the bull,

- being magical, he could speak and all -

'and I have come to aid you in your quest,

tell me now, where is it you would request

to go?' 'Oh wonder!', our hero replied,

'I'd love to go to Café Rose!', and sighed,

'For there the fairest lady waits for me,

the one I've been desp'rately longing to see!'

And off they flew, to this here Café Rose,

which is, he had heard, a Café for those

looking to please an admirable lady,

or in any case, it isn't shady.

Jupiter, however, had gotten in

a fight with Juno, since still he had been

late for tea! So now thunder filled the sky

in which our hero and the bull did fly.

But using his superior agility,

like a rabbit being chased by nobility

for serving as dinner, or just for sport

or enjoyment of any other sort

across the open plains of our great land,

so flew Taurus Roseus, the man's hand

firmly holding his hoof, and with great speed

the lightning storm they quickly did exceed!

They saw the Café, and made their descent.

The man thanked Taurus Roseus, and in he went.

She was not there yet; he'd made it in time!

This lady wóuld still deem him so sublime!

A while he waited, an ord'r he stated,

gleefully, for not being belated!

After a short while, his phone gave a ring,

so with his hand, he soon reached for the thing.

A text he'd received: 'Darling, sorry to say

but I'm running on a 10 min. delay...'

© Copyright 2020 LP. All rights reserved.

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