A Return Gift

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A story that you might have experienced yourself a thousand times in o e form or the other.

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



She was working there since he was a small kid. She was his caretaker. His mom would stay out due to work and he had lost his dad a long time ago. She lived in a slum near their tall building . Her name was kamla. He was very close to her heart , she had seen him grow into a handsome lad. A month later it was his birthday. She remembered even the tiniest details about him and then birthday was a very important day in his life. He was about to turn sixteen. She would think about all those different things that could make a great gift for him. But then there were many things that were not affordable to her because her salary was meagre and most of it was spent on her husband’s illness. But she was saving now to present him a gift , that he would like, she would remember him smiling at her and asking wha gift she would bring for him on his birthday. He had completed SSC and would be a college going student some days later. She had been to the store that day to get some groceries. Tomorrow was his birthday. She was seeing a pen packed neatly in a box with golden border and brown cover.”how much does it cost bhaiyyaji?” “hundred rupees ” he said without even looking at her. “Can I see?” “ It costs hundred rupees behenjii” the grocer said this time looking at her with his black rimmed round glases resting down his nose. But she did not pay heed to his words that indirectly tried to remind her about her inability to buy a thing like that . A big party was organized next day and all his friends were invited. She came late that day only to see him waiting for her. “Mausi , you are late.”he went running towards her on seeing her coming in through the door decorated with ribbons. “ jug jug jiyo,baba.janamdiin ki shubhkamnayein” She wished him happy returns for the day; and hurriedly went to the kitchen to help madamji with the chores. She had brought for him a very expensive gift. She came into the hall with a tray laden with glasses of juice. Kids came running towards her. She started landing plastic glasses into their tiny hands. She looked into bunty’s hands bunty was mrs. Sharma’s son. They lived in the same building. It was the same pen same box,she kept the tray away on the teapoy and caught bunty by hand. “where would u get it bunty baba?”she whispered in the kid’s ears. Madamji came by then.”what’s the matter kamla? O that pen? It is a return gift .I brought them for all his friends.” She told kamla.”All his friends?”kamla asked, still looking at the box in bunty’s hand.

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