rytlock brimstone. life and other stuff.

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bright light blinds me as my eyes open for the very first time.
“look! he’s got his daddy’s eyes!” a soothing female voice says.
“yes he does!” another voice says, this time male, “what should we name him?”
“how’s rytlock?” the female voice speaks out again.
“rytlock brimstone. has a nice ring to it. i like it.” i look at the guy who said that. my head flooding with thoughts, and i do not catch all of them. i hear pieces of them. like, “sharp! sharp teeth!” or “fur, furry!” i look around again, the walls are brown, possibly stained. the ceiling is missing and sunlight is flooding into the room. a chair is next to a table where a cup of tea sits. a pair of paws carry me and rock me.
puzzled, i start crying. i do not stop when the female voice carrying me coos at me.
i was forced to stop when a bottle of sweet sensations was shoved into my mouth. i suckled on it and let the warm liquid drip down my throat.
yawning, i shut my eyelids and focused on the voices around me.
“what will we do?” the male says.
“i don’t know. this is a really troubling time to have a cub! with you occupied with the order, and me having to take care of the…”
the door to the room bangs open. a grinding metal on metal sound is heard as the male unsheathes his sword.
“state your business!” the male says in a firm tone, obviously daring the intruder to question him.
“why, sicarius brimstone, i thought you’d’ve understood! a cub has to be separated from his parents at birth! the same was done to you! he must attend fahrar, the finest of the finest.” the intruder says.
“save your spit. you will not touch hair on his head!” the motherly voice screams at the intruder, cuddling her cub closer than ever.
“you know we have to, meleagra. it’s part of the ancient law of the iron legion.” sicarius says.
sicarius walks over to rytlock holds his thumb to rytlock’s forehead, “here, the blessing of a brimstone. may the ghosts of the past aid you in the battle,” sicarius whispers to rytlock.
he takes rytlock away from meleagra, causing her to start sobbing uncontrollably, and hands rytlock over to the intruder. and the intruder leaves the room.
mere silence fills it, except for the sound of meleagra crying into sicarius’s shoulder.

10 years later.

“hit harder!” my combat instructor screams, “how do you expect to join the iron legion with that strength!”
tired, the only thing i can say back was a grunt as i threw more sword blows at him, hardly moving him.
i drop my sword and run over to the table where i grab a glass of water and splash it on my face. the cool liquid drips over my fur as i shook my head. i pick my sword back up and sheath it into the sheath i was given to put onto my waist.
“hey runtlock! think fast!” somebody calls out.
a rock came hurling quick at me and i duck roll onto the ground. i lay there, looking for the person who threw it. i spot him snickering and i unsheathe my sword.
i leap towards him, raising the sword above my head and was about to bring it down on his head when another sword parries my blow. i look at the person who held the sword. it was my instructor.
“we do not let students use their weapons between classes, especially not to harm others!” he screams at me, “now get out of here before i call the guards to escort you out of here!”
“come on rytlock, let’s go. cornutus isn’t worth your time and effort anyways. today, he threw his hammer at the wall instead of bashing it down at the rock,” my friend aladum told me.
aladum was a good student, at least he wasn’t as small as me. sometimes i wonder how somebody as small as me got into here anyways. i thought it was for the big and mighty.
i follow aladum through the hallway and into the courtyard where most of the students were having fun chasing each other.
“where are we going?” i ask him.
“you’ll see. i was asked to bring her…” he gestures towards the female charr over by the corner in the shadows, “to the arena.”
“why?” i question him again.
“hey, what did i say? don’t question the leader’s orders, or you’ll get yourself killed.”
we walk in silence towards the female charr. as we get closer, she looks up. her bright blue eyes were filled with tears as her mouth quivered.
“i don’t know what to say!” aladum says to me.
“what! i thought you said you were good at talking to charr of the other gender,” i look at him perplexed, after all the claims he’s said about him charming girls with his words.
“what i mean is what to tell her. she’s about to go against the fiercest charr in our level! do we tell her good luck?”
“it’s okay, i don’t need it. i already know the outcome,” she speaks out. her voice catches me in surprise. it wasn’t hoarse, unlike most of the others from shouting all day long. it was soothing, like somebody who sang instead of yelled.
aladum looks surprised as well, but she took it in a different way, “i heard you, your voice carries for some distance,” and she smiles.
“well, then you know what we’re here to do then,” aladum says.
“come with me.”
she follows aladum and i trail behind them.

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Submitted: May 03, 2017

Prologue. 28 years ago. Bright light blinds me as my eyes open for the very first time. “Look! He’s got his daddy’s eyes!... Read Chapter

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